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15 May 2014

How to Receive Live IPL Match Score SMS on Mobile


Update This post has been updated with the latest working toll free number mentioned below and after so many comments and analyzing the live commentary I remove that as it was possibly not in the working mode.

IPL has just started and people are crazy about these short timespan matches, as it has filled every youth's heart with spirit of cheering up for their favorite cricketer, well in-fact not only youth but many other's are also into this business and they just love these matches. So now you also want to be connected to the live score feed and receive IPL Score live on your mobile device so that you do not miss any movement, so today I am going to show you an easy trick with which you can easily get all the live IPL scores right on your mobile using messages pretty easily and that too for free.

Get Free IPL Live Score SMS on Mobile

Now if you need to receive direct Live Score messages for IPL Matches, there is any easy official way that is lead by IPL members. So by following this method you can receive direct messages containing team name their scores and other status.

  1. Just dial toll free number 18002082030
  2. Now after 1-2 seconds the call will be automatically disconnected.
  3. Now within few seconds you will receive message from them containing team name, their scores and other things.

So that's it guys now I think you can possibly enjoy these IPL Matches a lot, well soon I will find some free live streaming trick for these matches till them have fun kudos :)