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02 September 2013

Tweak Website Designs using Stylish Add-on for Browsers


I have posted many good things or tweaks for making your facebook experience a lot smoother and awesome too, like I posted about FaceTweak add-on for firefox and many more stuff but today I found another awesome add-on or extension that can customize any website their looks and much more and facebook come's in its list, so you can easily customize facebook design using "Stylish".

Stylish add-on allows you to add skins to your website's like Google, Facebook, Orkut and many other's like 50 to 60 good one's. You can easily choose some good stuff from their database and then install it and use it using this add-on.

Well the styles are served from userstyles.org, so every style you will choose will be served from their website's so you can even visit their category section and see which website's they support and which website's you can customize.

Tweak Facebook Design with Stylish :)

Well we can easily customize the chat box, like button's or like box using Stylish, so now just check out below steps on how you can use Stylish to customize your facebook profile.

  1. Get Stylish add-on for firefox [Link] and extension for chrome [Link]
  2. Now after installing visit your facebook.com website and click the icon in status bar.
  3. Now just click on browse styles for this website, and it will take you to their style's page.
  4. Now just choose styles you wanna add and click on Add this using Stylish.
  5. Now just refresh your website and see that awesome style.

That's it now you can use the same steps mentioned above to customize any website mentioned in their category list, you can check out the styles and add them and start customizing your website's.