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11 May 2013

Blur Name's, Links & Pics in Facebook Status Automatically

Sometimes you find some really useful that you want it to be shared on your blog or somewhere on the internet but as privacy matter's alot , its an important step that you hide all the name's and pics mentioned in that status update so that no one recognizes who is there or mentioned in that status update. Well normally doing this job is a pretty hard work as you would use a good photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or some good online editing software that works.

status-snapper-2Well but to make this work much more easier a chrome extension can be I installed, that will automatically hide all the links, names and images from an status update you choose and then automatically upload the screenshot onto good cloud storage service like Imgur.

So as you can see in the image on the right, all the images, links and names are blurred so these are done automatically by just clicking a button, so yes you do that too and then you can share any status update anywhere, as it will maintain a privacy and entertainment.

  1. On Chrome install "Status Snapper" extension.
  2. Now visit Facebook and click on the small icon present in your address bar.
  3. Now it will show "Snap" option on top of every status update.
  4. Now just click on that icon and everything will blurred in that status.
  5. If you want to un-blur anything just hove on that thing.
  6. After you have made that anonymous, just press Finish option and it will start capturing that image and then it will upload that image automatically.