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27 July 2013

Re-Enable Disabled IDM Integration Extension in Chrome

Recently you might have figured a popup saying that your IDM integration extension in chrome is automatically removed from it as Google has flagged the extension as malicious, well yes Google chrome really face some huge issues with IDM like chrome as a crashing problem with IDM as I mentioned earlier. So now the thing is if you try to manually drag and drop the chrome extension from the Internet Download Manager folder it will not work and it will again show you a bar telling you that extension is malicious or so.

So if you are really seeking out a way to install that extension in your chrome browser, well I have figured out an awesome way that will work out pretty fine and you will be able to install extension smoothly without any problem.


  1. Download this IDM-Ex.zip package.
  2. Now just extract it with WinRAR or anything, you will get a .crx extension.
  3. Now open the extension dialog in Chrome and Drag the .crx extension into it.
  4. That’s it now you will see a popup like above asking you to Add IDM Extension.
  5. Now just hit it and your extension will be installed.

So now your extension is installed and you can easily download all the stuff using IDM right click option, so this work till last time but if chrome disables it again just install it again like this, it will work fine. So now enjoy this trick and have fun :)