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23 July 2013

Prank your Friends with Super Bluetooth Hack Java App

Bluetooth-iconSuper Bluetooth Hack is a fun java based application used over Bluetooth interface for connecting your device to your friends device and having some awesome fun. Well obviously its not a full proof hack tool as you will need to accept the Bluetooth connection but after that the real fun starts. Well I have personally experienced this app on my smartphone p990i, I just got connected to my friends phone and then I started making calls from his phone to other numbers, I started his music app and much more.

Well basically this app allows you to do many things with other connected mobile’s, you can check his or her information, you can control his entire phone, make calls from his phone to other numbers, read his phonebook but this feature is limited to some phone’s, read his or her messages, make his volume up or low and even start his music app at any time.

So in the entire nutshell its an awesome fun to play and prank your friends using this little app that comes bundled up in 105KB package. So you just need to download the app from the right hand side link and then just install this app on your java based phone’s and then the real fun start’s. Well for more detailed information on this app and its working you can see the below instructional video.