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28 August 2013

How to File DMCA Complaint for Content Theft in Blogger

DMCA short for Digital Millennium Copyright Act states that no one is allowed to enjoy the benefit of internet traffic and monetization using anyone's else hardwork, yes if you are just copying and pasting stuff from other website and you are tons of traffic you might get penalized either by DMCA complaint or Google panda update.

So now I have already posted on how you can try to decrease the level of content theft in blogger by using few easy option like disabling dragging & right click in blogger blogs but that are still useless sometimes as there are many option's anyone could steal your content. So the last way to file a DMCA complaint against that blog and get all the copied posts down, so that you can get the traffic back.

How to Find Blogs Stealing your Content

Now this might be the question that arises in your mind, that how you could easily scan that which blogs are stealing or copying your content, so you need a proper URL before you can post a DMCA complaint. Well now there are two easy methods to find who has copied your content.

  • Using Copyscape - copyscape is the easiest way to scan for any blogs that might have copied your content. So you just enter your URL and it scans and tells you which blogs seems to have more text from your blog and hence that blog is considered has copying blog. But there are few limitations using this you cannot get results more that 10 in free version, so yes you might need to purchase there service in order to get more results. So now your results will look something like below, as you can blogs mentioned below has copied my content and I am surely going to post a nice DMCA complaint against sooner.
  • Using Google - yes this is the best and most recommended way as its free, fast and instant, yes even I use this same method to find my prey and kill him using the DMCA complaint system. Well how you can use this method well check below steps.
    1. Open your post which you think might have been copied, make sure its something really good that you people will surely try to get it on their blog, as this method includes single post searching.
    2. So now just copy 4-5 top lines of any post like below mentioned in the image and make a search using those lines.
    3. So now just select the text and right click over it and choose Search Google for option.
    4. Now this will make a search and now it will show your blog on top possibly and other copied blogs below, like in the below image.
    5. So now the bold text in below URL's is the same text copied from your blog, so now just copy the post URL from that blog and that is who has copied your text and is a robber :)

So now you have all the URL's of blogs that have copied your content, it time to attack them using Blogger DMCA Complaint, form.

Remember You can only post DMCA complaint for removing post from blogger blogs not Wordpress Blogs, so for wordpress blogs you might need to add your complaint in Google Search DMCA form that will remove there content from Google search and for facebook you need to make complaints too Facebook Copyright

Posting DMCA Complaint for Blogger Blogs

So now lets see how you can post DMCA complaint for blogger blog and get there content removed easily, well just follow below steps.

  1. Visit Blogger DMCA Form.
  2. Now you will see fields that you need to fill with proper and genuine details, enter your Name, Company Name, Full Legal Name & your Email Address.
  3. Now  Enter your Country you reside in.
  4. Now comes the mains part of entering details of your copyright content, so just enter the URL of your post and then in next field where it asks for the details of copyright post just enter the full post title of that post.
  5. infringing-urlsNow you need to enter all the URL's you have captured that have copied your content, so just enter all of them like in the right image.
  6. So now this might take sometime for you to gather all those URL's but its worth it so make sure to search every single Blogger URL and add it here.
  7. Now this part is done and you need to click that Sworm Statement options and enter the date you are filling this complaint and then once again Enter your Full name in the Signature field provided below that's it.
  8. Now Press Submit and that's it you will get a mail from Google that your complaint has been registered and it will take sometime to see and remove all those content.
  9. So now within 2-3 days you will get a mail from them that all the stolen content has ben removed, so you can verify by going onto once URL and you will get message the post is no longer available or so.

So guys this was the easiest way to post a DMCA complaint against anyone who tries to steal your content, so even I am once again warning everyone that they should try  to copy my content as they might get a DMCA complaint in few days or so, well have fun guys and I hope this post was useful for you, do comment if you any problem relating to this or anything else :)