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17 August 2013

How to View Primary Email Address for Facebook Friends

If you know after facebook introduced their own email service and they provided a custom name to every email using your FB username, so they just made the primary email hidden for privacy reasons. Well there can be sometimes that you urgently need to know the primary email address of your friend, in case he is not telling you or so, well there is little trick you can follow and get his or her email address easily.

Well we are going to use Yahoo mail service for importing all your facebook friends and then getting email address displayed right over there. So now follow below steps.

  1. Visit Yahoo Mail and Sign-In to your account.
  2. facebook-iconNow navigate to Yahoo Contacts and press Import, now choose the facebook option you see and then authorize Yahoo to access your fb account.
  3. Now after your have successful authorized your Facebook account, then it will start importing all your contacts so just wait.
  4. Now all your contacts will be imported and as you can see in the above image you will get their primary email displayed, well I have blurred them for privacy reasons.
  5. So now you can use there email the way you wanted too, well now enjoy this simple trick and have fun. Do share this post if you like it.