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16 August 2013

Funny Indian Troll Images for Fun Facebook Commenting


Hmmm so now you can post images in facebook comments section, well people have just started up posting funny images in response to the post, well this is much more done by the Indians posting funny troll images of Bollywood actors and celebrities with some funny text written over it, well if you were also finding some of these awesome images then I have this awesome post for you which contains collection of those troll images which will take your commenting to whole new level.

So now all these images are compressed into a .zip package provided above directly for free download, so now just hit that button and get this package. Well you will need to extract the package to get funny pics folder which contains all above images. So now possibly these images will get updated soon I get few more, so till then enjoy using these image’s and have fun & do share this post with your friends too :)