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04 August 2013

Run Java Apps on your Android Device with Java Emulator

We have posted few emulators earlier like the Bluestack's which is the Android Emulator, so using it you can easily install WhatsApp on your Windows pc or even play any new Android game right on your PC. We have even posted on how you can run Symbian apps on your computer by installing Symbian SDK but today I found another good emulator called Jbed emulator which is personally developed by hackers @ XDA Developers, so now the basic work of this one is to run all the Java apps right on your Android device, as you all know people are just getting much more attracted towards the Android platform instead of those Java based phones, but you know that Java games and apps were amazing too so this app could help you out in running those apps side by side enjoying your Android OS.


Well now if you are willing to give a try to Jbed emulator then just check below steps that will help you in installing this on your Android device and even playing Java Apps easily. We have two methods for installing this app so them both and choose best one yourself.

#1. Direct Installation

Well direct installation includes simple .apk file that you need to install and then you can choose any java app and run it pretty easily. But if this method fails for you then you can go for the Indirect installation that will work for sure.

  1. Download Jbed.apk
  2. Just install the downloaded app on your android device.
  3. Now click Menu > SD Card.
  4. Now choose the desired .jar or .jad file, make sure you have one in your SD Card.
  5. That’s it now choose that app and enjoy using it.

#2. Indirect Installation

Things you will need ?

  1. Download Jbed Package
  2. A simple File Explorer (ES File Explorer)

Indirect install includes you to manually install every file into its directory so that app install can go in success. So now if above method failed for you check below one.

  1. Download Jbed Installation .zip package.
  2. Extract the Jbed package and copy the folder to your SD Card.
  3. Now on your Android device install the .apk file in that folder.
  4. Now just move the file libjbedvm.so in another folder to this path /system/lib/ in your Android device. (Just use the file explorer app)
  5. Restart your Android Device and Now just load the apps from SD Card, done :)

So that’s it now you can run all the Java Apps on your Android device without any restriction or problem, so have fun and enjoy guys and do share this post with all your friends :)