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25 August 2013

How to Remove or Unlist your Number from Truecaller

You already know about Truecaller well its an awesome app or web based tool you can say that can easily scan and result out the name and the owner of any phone number. yes even I was shocked when my friend told me about this kind of app and I was not believing him until I saw it myself working. So basically this app includes phones number captured from every device it interacts so making a social bond between people who just have a number but do not know the name, so this app can help them out. But still this app is regarded as a privacy breached and some people might want to remove or unlist their phone number from this app or website.

Well so is their any possible medium from which you can remove your number from not showing to anyone and completely unlist it out. Well yes obviously the company that creates this kind of website or app has a mandatory rule to include some possibility through which anyone can get rid of their application.

So now if you are concerned about your privacy, this post might help you out in solving that out, so just check below steps.

  1. Open Truecaller Unlist Page.
  2. Now you will see page something like above, just choose your Country and then enter your phone number.
  3. Now you need to enter the Captcha code as mentioned and then you need to click that Mail kind of icon.
  4. That's it now you will see that Successful message like above so that means your number has been unlisted or removed from Truecaller.
  5. So now it might take like 24 hours for getting fully unlisted so you might have to wait, well remember your phone number cannot be added again, so make sure you do this after thinking lonely :)