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12 September 2013

Increase FB Likes, Twitter Followers & Website Traffic

addmefast-logoWell you already know if you own a website, traffic is the most important thing you should have in order to survive in this battle. So gaining more and more subscribers on direct basis is getting really difficult these days as there is a lot of competition and people usually go with the one they think is the best. Well but still we cannot loose hope and we have to find ways through which we can survive and gain more and more subscribers. Well I came through a website called "AddMeFast" it's a social subscribers gaining website that works well and even used a lot. People trust it out even I have a nice trust on that website as it allowed me to gain so much from it.

So now AddMeFast website allows you to gain Facebook Likes, Google+ Circles, YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Visits, Websites hits and pretty a long list. It has everything to make you happy. So you just need to Sign-Up for a free account and you are good in making few new subscribers. So now lest see below tutorial on how this little thing works.
  1. Sign-Up for a free "AddMeFast" Account and get free 50 Points.
  2. Now make sure you use a valid email because you have to verify your account using the links you will receive in your email.
  3. Now your account is up and running, now its time to add few website on which you want likes, shares or subscribers.
  4. addmefast-optionsWell now Add Site/Page and choose what service you want to add, so they have plenty of services from which you can choose.
  5. Just choose any service and enter your username or stuff like in the image on the right.
  6. Now make sure to choose a god CPC rate, CPC stands fro Cost Per Click, so as anyone clicks on your page the amount you have selected will get deducted from your account getting you a free like. So 5 is default let it remain like that only.
  7. So now after you have completed all the steps just press Save Changes option and then your site will be added.
  8. Now its time to gain some free points.
  9. Well gaining free points in AddMeFast is easy, well there are three ways, first just like and share other's website and you will be rewarded with free points, second is that Free Bonus points you get 150 points everyday for making 20 clicks on other websites and third one is referral based you get 200 points for each active refer.
  10. So now choose your option and start liking and gaining points, so as soon as you have enough points, you will automatically start getting likes and views on what ever site you have added.

So in this way you can gain more and more followers, subscribers and readers on your social websites, well if you still have some doubts do check below video.