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20 September 2013

How to Unlock 3G & 4G Data Cards Instantly in Few Sec

dc-unlocker-toolSo many people requested me on posting some useful tutorial that could provide them with some insight on how they can easily unlock their 3G or 4G data cards and then use it with other networks. Well I found a nice and simple tool which is popular enough in doing this same stuff its called "DC-Unlocker" and using this tool you can unlock your 3G and 4G data cards easily.

Well I have earlier posted on how you can unlock your Nokia device's by just using USB Connection and a simple tool called "ANT" you can check that too, and now if you really want to get rid of that security on your data card then follow below tutorial.
  1. Download DC-Unlocker Free Version. (possibly you get 3 unlocks in free version but if you own a mobile shop then you can purchase this to get unlimited unlocks)
  2. So now you will get a .exe file double click it to install it on your PC, it's a small software so not a problem for space.
  3. Now just fire up your DC-Unlocker from the shortcut on the desktop (make sure to run it as an administrator) and then you will see the screen like above.
  4. Now you need to Plug-In your data card and then choose its brand (you can see your data card brand name by opening its back) now let the modem detection be Auto and it will scan it on its own.
  5. Now press the Magnification icon like in the above image to start the scanning process.
  6. Now wait till it's search is complete and now it will show you full information about your modem.
  7. Now just navigate to Unlocking section and then press on Unlock.
  8. Now wait and see how your modem gets unlocked in few seconds.

So that's it guys this is the easiest possible way to unlock your 3G and 4G data cards and even phone, so have fun unlocking your devices and you can even have a look @ video tutorials specifically for your devices check this [Link]