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09 November 2013

Protect your Facebook Images using DMCA Watermarking

facebook-images-dmcaOnline theft has just increased and people are using pre owned copyright content in order to spread spam and even harm the personal copyrights, well we have already discussed how you can easily protect your Blogger content Theft using some javascript and css tricks well now if you want to protect your facebook images from getting stolen or shared among another group of filthy teenagers then we have an awesome facebook images protection tutorial that you will love and it will for sure protect all your images.

DMCA Watermark your Facebook Albums

Well now using this DMCA protection you can easily watermark your whole facebook album with the DMCA logo, well you even have the personal logo uploading option but that option is only available in the PRO version. So if you are not willing to pay for the PRO version then you can still protect your images using the free version.

  1. Register your free account on Facebook DMCA Watermark.
  2. Now after successful registration make sure to verify using your email.
  3. Now after verifying your account you need to login to your Facebook DMCA Watermarking account to start watermark process.
  4. Now you will see the option to select the Facebook Album in which you want all the images to be watermarked.
  5. Now just press "Watermark this Album" and it will automatically watermark whole album and every images in it.
  6. Now your original album will not get affected but it will create a new album, so now you just need to change the privacy settings of your original album to Only Me and your new watermarked album is ready to be shared with the world.

So guys as you can see how easy it is to protect your facebook albums from getting shared with the works using this bulk DMCA Watermarking solution, well now easily watermark all your images and stop online theft.