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11 November 2013

How to Hide Advertisements from uTorrent & BitTorrent


Torrents are the best way to transfer huge files on one place to another using simple peer to peer connection, we have already posted how you can easily boost your uTorrent download speeds by 50% using some simple tweaks or you can even use a simple application called "uTorrent SpeedUp Pro" that can boost your uTorrent speeds automatically with once click.

Well today I found another simple tutorial that allows you to remove all the advertisements from your uTorrent client, so now if you do not know where all the ads popup in your uTorrent client then just check the above screenshot I have highlighted the areas with red border those are the advertisements that shuffle up automatically.

Removing Advertisements from uTorrent Client

So now those advertisements are not taking up a lot of space or distracting a lot but still if you want to get RID of all those advertisements then we have a simple solution to do that using inbuilt advanced options in uTorrent preferences menu.

  1. Open uTorrent or BitTorrent Client.
  2. Navigate to Options > Preferences > Advanced.
  3. Now search for upsell and click the string you get & make it "False"
  4. Once again search for offer and you will find many strings, just check all the strings with the True value and make all those strings "False"
  5. That's it now close uTorrent & restart your uTorrent to see all those advertisements vanished away.

So guys this was the easiest and most simple way to hide or remove all those spammy advertisements from uTorrent or BitTorrent client. Well if you still find some problem then do check below video for more clear view.