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16 November 2013

How to Create Scary Grungy Facebook Status Updates

facebook-scary-statusWant to prank your friends by posting something that's usually just a illusion, well posting something that looks like if is a bug in facebook or so, well we have something exactly matching that same thing. Zalgo text generator is another online text generator tool that allows you to create amazing scary text that you can easily post on facebook.

Well now if you wanna have a live demo about how exactly this text feel's then have a look at this HackingUniversity FB Post [Link] so if you think the text looks just amazing and pranky then below is the full steps on achieving this effect.

  1. Visit Zalgo Text Generator tool.
  2. Now scroll down and you will see text generator tool like below.
  3. Now just add your text in the first box and your new scary pranky text will be generated in the other box right on its side.
  4. Now you even have some options you can configure in order to make your text more standing out and look more scary, so check those too.
  5. Now you just need to copy that text and then you can easily paste that text on facebook as your status update.

Note Few alphabets might not render correctly and will show the boxes instead of them but your whole prank will work pretty fine with this whole tut, so have fun creating some funky, pranky and scary text status updated :)