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05 December 2013

How to Boot Multiple Operating Systems from Single USB

Messed up with all those different CD's and DVD's created to install different Operating Systems, well now you do not need to create separate CD or DVD for any OS as now you can easy HOST all your operating system on single USB stick and that too all together, so you can easily install any OS without any problems.

XBoot is a simple multiboot ISO USB creator that allows you to upload multiple OS onto single USB stick or any CD or DVD Disk. Its like creating a Hirens Boot CD that allows you to do multiple things using simple and single user interface. You even have a option to boot the ISO's from the windows itself.


Now there are few steps that you need to follow in order to get the XBoot into a working mode, well lets see the whole text tutorial below.

  1. Download the XBoot Windows Tool.
  2. Now you will see some window like above, now just drag and drop the ISO files from your PC to this window.
  3. Now after you have successfully loaded all the ISO images, just choose Create USB or Create ISO if you wanna go with the CD or DVD option.
  4. After choosing the USM option you need to choose your appropriate USB stick from the dropdown menu.
  5. Now choose a perfect Bootloader from the list present and then press OK to start the creation process.
  6. Now you will see the progress window, so now just wait and let the process finish as after that you will have a perfect working multiboot USB stick.

So guys now as you saw how easily we just created some multiboot USB sticks by just using a simple and small utility, well you can use this to store many other virus removing programs or anything that comes in the ISO format. Well have fun and enjoy using this tool, if you liked this post do like and share this with your friends.