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06 January 2014

Trick to have 2 Different Profile Pictures on Facebook


Are you a crazy facebook lover, are you always searching for some nice hacks that might improve your presence on facebook, well if yes then today we have something that you will surely like as it will allow you to keep two different profile pictures on facebook. Well now if you wanna keep that swirly hairstyle as your main profile picture and the another to display while you post status updates then now you can easily attempt that using a simple trick.

So you can easily see from the above screenshot that how this trick actually works and you can see how I am two different profile pictures on facebook. Now you will ask where this trick is actually useful, well I will say you can use this trick to create a nice timeline cover + profile combination and yet use a simple image as your main communication pic, so obviously there are many possibilities. Well now lets just jump in to the tutorial and see how its done.

Note Make sure you are using Chrome, else it won't work, well I have not tried this trick on Firefox so try it and comment below.

  1. Make sure to upload the primary pic that you wanna use as your main communication pic that's the small pic in the above screenshot.
  2. Now after doing that just go to facebook photos album section and choose the pic that you wanna use as your big profile pic.
  3. Now as soon as you open that pic you will see a new URL, now you need to copy that "fbid" from the URL highlighted in red color below.
  4. So now this is going to be the ID of that image, we will be using this ID in order to replace your main communication pic with this picture. So note it down.
  5. Now just visit your profile and on your profile PIC click Edit Profile Picture > Edit Thumbnail.
  6. Now it will popup a dialog allowing you to edit the position of your profile picture, so now just drag your image first, its important !
  7. Now right click on the image and choose "Inspect Element" now scroll somewhat down till you find line starting with <form action="https://upload.facebook.com check below screenshot.
  8. Now just click that small arrow on the left to expand and you will see many <input lines, just check the second last line highlighted in red above.
  9. Now just double click on that value number and it will go in editing mode, now just paste your noted photo ID that you wanna replace.
  10. After pasting your new ID just press Enter or click anywhere to save that ID, now close the Inspect element dialog.
  11. Now just press Save option to store your new image, now just wait and see how your new image reloads and your image is still present.

So guys this was the awesome trick on uploading two different images on facebook, so make sure you already have the image and upload it to facebook so that its ID can be used. So now just impress your friends with this awesome trick. Well video tutorial coming soon :)