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15 February 2014

Set your Current Clock Time as your Android Pin Code Lock

android_lock_logoDay by day technology is evolving and we are getting many new innovative techniques to make our life more secure. Well android is one part of many people's life and people are getting a lot of productive ideas using it, well many other developers are creating some useful apps and tweaks that's even making our daily tasks a lot easier. Well today I found another awesome security based app for android that allows you to set your current time as your pin code lock.

Well yes that's right your current time will be your pin code lock that makes security un-crackble if you obviously did not tell any of your friend about this feature. So now as every minute will pass your code will be changed to that.

TimePIN Lock allows different Clocky Codes

Yes TimePIN is that app that works pretty well, well the best part is there are three type of security options available that you can choose in order to improve your security at a high level. Well the three modes are Double Pin, Mirror Pin and Reverse Pin, well all three have different options and as the name suggests they work pretty good.

timepin-android-appSo now normally this app works like you have the current time 10:20 then your code will be 1020 and if you enable the double pin feature then your code will become 10201020 and if you enable the mirror pin then your code will become 10200201 and the last option is the reverse pin then your code will become 0201 so you get the idea. Well I think it's a great idea and no one could ever guess your password as if he will guess sometime right then the next minute the code will be changed, pretty cool.

  1. Download and Install the TimePIN Application on your android device (Its Free).
  2. Now you nee to grant it the administrator access to allow it to work correctly.
  3. After everything is done, you just need to open the application and it will look something on the right.
  4. Now just enable the TimePIN option as you are able to see, that will enable that time mode feature.
  5. Well there is another awesome mode of Enabling the DatePIN that allows you to use your date as your pin that's pretty more secure as its really hard to imagine that.

So now you actually know how easy it is to secure your android device with optimum level of pin code lock that changes automatically as your time does. Well I think it's a must to have app if security really matters to you a lot. So just head over to the play store and install this app for free and secure your device. Well check the below video that demonstrates how this lock actually works.