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08 March 2014

Get Hotspot Shield VPN Elite 1 Month Free Subscription

hotspot-shield-logoHotspot Shield simply allows you to create Virtual Private Network that can be used in order to bypass all those blocked websites or even represent yourself as an anonymous surfer. Well earlier I have posted about the Security Kiss tunnel that works pretty similar to this one and we even posted on how you can get 6 months free trial for that tool but possibly that might be ended for now but we are posting this another great giveaway for 1 month free subscription.

Well I have even posted on how you can easily change your IP address instantly using the online browser tool, you can check that too. Well so now Hotspot Shield is providing free 1 month subscription for that service on Android and iOS devices and you can easily grab it for free right away.
  1. Visit Hotspot Shield PROMO PAGE :)
  2. Now just install the appropriate app for your device, if its Android then get its app or if its iOS device then they have a nice app for that too.
  3. Now after installing the app you just need to open it and when it prompts you to enter the license code just enter FREE
  4. That’s it now your will get genuine 1 month free subscription for Hotspot Shield, so enjoy and have fun.

So guys now you can easily browse internet and get onto your blocked websites being totally anonymous, so now no matter who you are you can browse anything and that too pretty easily using this awesome tool.