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08 August 2014

SSD vs. HDD Which is Better & Should you Upgrade HDD


SSD is the latest technology and is known as solid-state drive. Solid-state drive is said to be faster, more reliable and use less energy in comparison to HDD so as you all know as ST does not have any moving or so that removes the excessive heat and it uses less energy in that way, and that thing improves the life of SSD, so it's much more durable.

But with all the above pros mentioned for SSD days one can't the prize of SSD is really expensive, so you cannot get SSD for the price of HDD you have to pay like 3 to 4 times the amount of HDD if you are planning to upgrade your HDD to SSD.

Benefits of SSD over HDD ?

#1. Less Heat - Well, if you just consider the benefits of SSD over HDD on the first point that comes in anyone's mind is the seed and as I have discussed SSD does not contain any moving parts, so it generates less he can. That's the first benefit of upgrading from HDD to SSD.

#2. Very Durable - as I have said SSD does not contain any moving parts, so its vibration and bring proof. So if in some case you drop your laptop or you hit your PC you do not have to worry about the hard disk being crashed as SSD does not contain any moving parts, so it's much more durable and much more reliable to store your important Data.

#3. Light Weight - SSD's are really lightweight as I have just changed a Samsung's 120 GB SSD for my Dell laptop, I figured out the weight was really like it was like the weight of my eyeglasses actually, I have to say that.

#4. Blazing Fast Speeds - recently I purchased Samsung's evo 120 GB SSD for my Dell laptop as my earlier HDD just crashed away so I got this new SSD from Flip God it was like Rs. 7000 for 120 GB and when I install this in my laptop and booted up my Windows, booting speed was five times faster, It was just amazing.

One Single Disadvantage of SSD :(

Well, as I have briefed the four most important points that you could consider in understanding the benefits of SSD over HDD, but there is one single con that I figured out it's the price well actually the prize is 4 times the HDD. So if you're planning to upgrade from HDD to SSD decision is right, but you need to lose your pockets too much because it's going to cost a lot.

Well now, normally you can get SSD in 64 GB as the starting, but I just upgraded my system to 120 GB because I thought storing some data could be really easy with the 120 GB version I got the Samsung 120 GB EVO because as I have compared the prices were really low for Samsung and others were quite high are the second option, you can go with is the Kingston but I think, Samsung is pretty good. They have given me 3 years of warranty, so I think it's pretty nice. I didn't feel any problem using this and it's like around 3 to 4 months. I guess I just upgraded my system and its working pretty fine.

Purchasing SSD from Flipkart ?

You can purchase Samsung 120 GB SSD from Flipkart, it's available for as low as Rs. 7000, you will get the SSD in the box and the manual on how you can install the SSD, but I would recommend that you hire a professional or someone technician who can install or upgrade your HDD to SSD.

So guys, this possibly ends my actual review about SSD over HDD, I think, you get a better view about the benefits of SSD over HDD and the one little disadvantage about SSD, which is a the prize so if you can pay the price, then I think SSD is worth investment and according to me, I'm just using this SSD and its working great so it's nice little upgrade, you can give to your PC to improve its potential and increase its speeds and stability.