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27 April 2014

How to Get New Google AdSense Account Fully Approved

Google adsense is an awesome blog monetization program that anyone can use without any problem and monetize their blog pretty easily. People from all over the world use this awesome blog monetization utility to get heavy earnings right from the blog. Even Google AdSense is improving their program, day by day and they are introducing many new features right into it. Like earlier they have introduced the EFT system that would allow you to receive your payment instantly in your bank account, and that too within one or two days.


Well now getting an AdSense account is not that easy right away as it includes you to have a nice authority based blog. And still there is not guarantee that the adsense account you have just created will live forever, well I have even posted on how you can adsense account back on disabled websites, so you can check that out too. Now by creating a nice authority based blog is not that difficult. We can do it by posting some nice images and text, and some knowledge-based staff, but still it requires a lot of time for you to create your blog with full uniqueness.

Getting AdSense Semi Approval using YouTube

Well today I will be showing you an easy way. Basically it is a trick in a way that will help you in getting an AdSense account pretty easily over night. So we will be using the YouTube partners program, plus we will also be creating a blog, but still it won't be that much of an hectic JOB, So let's get started.

  1. Create a New Gmail Account.
  2. Now navigate to the YouTube Account and create a nice Username, it will act as your brand, so make sure its looks good and professional.
  3. Now you need to upload some nice video's, well uploading someone else copyrighted video will not allow you to get adsense account approval.
  4. So make sure the videos you upload are genuine, and created by you only. Well if you can record something nice and unique and post that stuff.
  5. Now you need to upload 4-5 unique videos, make sure you do not use any copyrighted song as your background music or anything.
  6. If you have some of your own tunes use those instead that will help you to getting adsense account approval pretty faster.
  7. Now navigate after max one day, navigate to the Account Monetization feature that's available using YouTube Partner's program.
  8. Now you will see the the Big Blue Button "Enable my account" like below click that button and hit Agree.
  9. Now within few hours or so, you will receive mail from the adsense team that your account is approved.

So now all your videos could be easily monetized if they are genuine and legal, now you will be making money using the YouTube Partners program, but obviously this is the hosted account, now we need to enable the monetization on your blog.

Converting Hosted AdSense Account to Normal

Well now as I have explained above the account that will approved using above trick will be the hosted account and you cannot use that account on your blog or website, well now to get your fully approved for normal account, we have to work little harder. Well, now we have, to create a normal blog account, you can use blogger.com. For this purpose we need to post some nice content over it, so I would recommend you to search Niche you love and then post 10 to 15 unique posts right on that blog.

Posting nice content might take some time, so no problem. Take time approximately 2 to 3 days posting nice and unique content you go to your AdSense account to your my ads option in create a new ad unit and then we have to embed that an unit right on your new blog account and the adsense team will manually analyze and check your blog if it meets its terms and conditions.

  1. Now after creating your blog and posting nice content.
  2. You need to navigate the AdSense > Account Settings, under sites authorized to show ads you need to add your website name.
  3. Now visit AdSense Account > My Ads > Create New Ad Unit.
  4. Now you need to add name to your unit and then choose the size.
  5. Now you will get the code visit your Blogger > Layout > Add Gadget.
  6. Now choose HTML/JavaScript Gadget.
  7. Now add that code into it and Save the Gadget.
  8. Now just wait for few days as google adsense team will manually verify your blog and then they will send you an email that your account is full approved.

So after your account is fully approved you will start seeing ads live running on your blog, so now you can monetize any of your blog using your adsense account.