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06 April 2014

How to Disable Facebook's Last Seen Timestamp Feature

Facebook last seen feature the same as for Whatsapp and we even posted on how easy it was to disable the last in Whatsapp as the team has officially launched the button to turn on or off the timestamp feature. Well we even posted some awesome tricks for Whatsapp you can check those too. Well now today we are posting on how you can easily do that same thing on your Facebook's chat timestamp option.

Well if you are facing some serious issues showing the other person when you actually read their message, then you are lucky as we have an awesome application that allow you to hide or disable that last seen timestamp feature on Facebook. So as you can see from below image how timestamp actually looks like.


Well now there are actually two methods, the first is applicable for people using the chrome browser and if you are not on chrome then you can install another Facebook based app that does the same job. So now lets see how it works.

Disabling Facebook Last Seen on Chrome

So now as I said above for chrome we will be using the "Chat Undetected" chrome extension that simply helps you in hiding your last seen status.

  1. Visit Chat Undetected website.
  2. Now click on the green button to download the extension from their website.
  3. Now to install the 3rd party extension you need to follow this simple guide, as you know chrome does not allow 3rd party extension installation like this only.
  4. So now your extension will be installed and you can chat with full protection.

So now this is the one way for disabling your last seen timestamp option on Facebook using chrome. Well now few of you might not be using chrome so check below.

Hiding Facebook Last Seen using Unseen App

Unseen App is another facebook application that allows you to hide your last seen read receipt for facebook. So if you are not on chrome then this could be a life saver.

  1. unseen-app-facebookLogin to your Facebook Account.
  2. Now just install the Unseen-App on your facebook profile.
  3. Now to install this app you need to Log-In and grant permissions to the app.

That's it now your app is installed and you can easily see how you last seen will be hidden to other person. Now you do not need to be afraid of your last seen status being broadcasted to anyone chatting with you as its totally protected.