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28 April 2014

How to Make Readers Stay & Read More of your Blog Posts


Visitors and readers are the soul of any blog. One cannot run and monetize his own blog without any visitors. You also need to engage your readers into reading more of your content so that you get more page views and hence it helps you in monetizing your blog a lot easier. Well now today we're going to see how you can engage your readers into reading more of your posts and your content and staying on your blog for a long time. We won't be using any such technical methods, but only common methods that other blogs use as their resources.

  1. Writing Style - the writing style is a must factor that should be considered into engaging your readers in reading more of your post. The way you write the way you arrange the headings simply attracts the reader to read more of the post as he's gaining a lot with your easier understanding writing skill. You should use these headings like H1 for the most important title than H2 for the least one and H3 for very low-priority headings. So in the end your writing skill counts a lot in engaging your readers to read more of your posts.
  2. Internal Linking - whenever you're writing post you need to consider internal linking to other posts so that people can actually navigate all your post pretty easily. We need to consider inserting the anchor links that could move to be useful, and that could be linked to the post you have all ready have posted on your blog.
  3. Adding Related Posts - well, if we are our frequent reader, then you might have seen, we have added related posts widget right in the footer of our blog posts. Well, adding related posts simply helps your readers to look for more relevant post the could read to increase their knowledge. Well I have already posted a randomly shuffling related posts widget for you, that could be useful for you to add into your blogger blog.
  4. Adding Random Posts Widget - whenever someone refreshes you blog there can be a widget like I have already added into my blog. You can see on the right inside it automatically fetches posts from the blog and displays them randomly. So this widget, can obviously fetch some old posts automatically, so people can also enjoy your old post pretty easily. Well I have posted a post on this awesome widget so check that out. It contains steps follow them up and add this awesome widget to your blogger blog.
  5. Blog Design - well your blog design counts a lot if it's a lot simpler, has decent colors and even the navigation is easier than readers can obviously enjoy every part of the their visit. You should obviously consider hiring a professional designer for designing your blog as its a base and if the base is strong you can survive in this blogging battle.
  6. Faster Blog Loading - after designing your blog. You should also consider looking for the speedy blog is loading it's really slow, you know, people might not stay for the blog post to load, but to click on the cross and navigate to another site, so its really important that you blog design matches your blog speed and both should be awesome.
  7. Assisting Readers - well reading your blog, you might get emails and comments from readers facing problems using some content on some of their personal problems, so assisting them would make them loyal to your blog and they would become your regular reader. So, make sure whenever you get emails and comments to respond them to solve your readers problems. If you do so, you might make them happy and they will stay forever being loyal to your blog.

So as you can see I have discussed seven major points right above providing new features that will obviously help you out in making your readers stay on your blog for a long time, and the read more of your awesome posts. Well, if you think I missed something, then obviously you can comment below, I will check that point out and i will add that point by linking to the name that guided me to that point.