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11 April 2020

Watch Movies & Shows Streaming for Free using Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is an amazing application that allows you to stream latest movies, tv series, anime and any other content from around the world for free on your computer or mobile device. Latest Hollywood Movies and TV Series could be streamed instantly depending on the Seeders available, what Seeders you would ask, well Popcorn Time uses its inbuilt mechanism to stream torrents directly to you using .magnet links, well the same thing we used to stream using the ROX Player, well you can still use ROX Player in case you are not getting the Movie or TV Show that you are looking for. ROX Player allows you to stream that content easily using the .magnet link.

Popcorn Time Main Homepage

I have posted lost of websites earlier that allows you to stream and watch free movies in India or anywhere you are without installing any software you can check those too. Then you would ask why one will install Popcorn Time to stream free movies when all those movies could be watched online for free using various free streaming sites, well the main concept used by these sites is online hosting, so if movies are hosted online sometimes the links can go down and your streaming might get interrupted, so how Popcorn Time is useful in that scenario, well Popcorn Time as said uses the Peer to Peer network so every time someone is watching or downloading that movie you will have the best speeds.

Popcorn Time is Best Solution to Stream Free Movies

Another thing I like about Popcorn Time is its user interface its very clean and one can enjoy browsing the movies without any server lags or whatever, you can navigate through different section and enjoy this software easily. They have various sections to browse, like the Movies one screenshot attached above. Another one is Series, so if you love watching TV Series that could also be watched for free.

popcorn time series page shot

Series TAB provides you with all the TV Shows that you can watch using Popcorn Time, there are a lot of shows and series that you can watch on pc or mobile device. Yes I am talking about mobile device because Popcorn Time is also available for Android Devices and also on iOS, but for iOS part you need to either jailbreak your phone or the simplest method is to install the profile & use it using that, I will cover that in some other article.

popcorn time anime page shot

If you love Animated Movies then Anime TAB is for you, now you won’t get all these awesome features in your mobile version of this application as its only available in the Windows Version. There are few more things I need to talk about this application that I like very much, you can get brief description of every episode or movie you are going to watch, when in series tab you can switch between seasons and episodes according to your taste, its really awesome.

popcorn time movie page shot

popcorn time series page inside shot

And same goes for the Movies TAB, you get extensive information on what's the movie about and if the movie has enough Seeders to work or its not going to work, so pretty much everything could be checked from their INFO Tab. IMDB Rating, Plot of that movie or series, health of the torrent, so that you know if the movie is going to stream or not.

Download Popcorn Time Official for Windows

Popcorn Time software is available for free to download, but there are many HOAX sites that claims to be the Original Popcorn Time, I will be providing you the site and direct download link by which you can install this amazing software for free and with ease. You can visit their official site from where you can download the Windows Version and even Android .APK: popcorntime.app or you can download the official Windows Installer using the below direct download link.

Download Link

Now using Popcorn Time for streaming free movies and shows is pretty easy, you just need to install the software and after you have installed it, you can pop open the application. Now you will see all the latest movies, series whatever you like, you can also make a search for the movie you might be looking for, after you have the movie, just open that up and below you will find the Watch Now button, press that now it will start loading all the Seeders and download the starting of the movie, you need to wait for few seconds, do not press cancel or anything, it will show you some warnings like VPN not connected, just ignore all those and within few seconds depending on your connection your movie will start streaming. Now you can easily scrub through the movie using your left and right keyboard button.

popcorn time movie streaming page

If you have VLC Player installed then you can choose that to play your movie, its pretty fun and easy to use, so guys this ends another tutorial on how you can use this amazing software to stream unlimited movies and series and get relief in this lockdown situation, you can also check out 9 Creative Things you can do in this Lockdown Situation to have more FUN apart from watching all these illegal movie streaming, have fun & if you do face any problems please make sure to comment below, comments will load automatically.