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22 May 2014

How to Change Boot Animation on your Android Device


Personalizing our mobile phone's with some brand-new hacks and pranks make the colleagues to freak, so attempting something unusual and brand-new tweak in Android mobiles will certainly be no question regarding the freaking of your close friends! As Android OS is transferring quick and it is considered as the finest Operating System for Mobile system. So now more and more users are joining everyday and few are even exploring the full potential of this awesome platform.

Have you ever before attempted to transform the Boot Animation of your Android mobile? Transforming the start-up animation in windows is still feasible, however its not that easy to be customized in Android? So if you ever gave a thought on altering your Android Mobile Boot Animation then you seem to be a lucky guy as there are 2 techniques to alter boot animation in android. Let's peep just how to alter the start-up animation in Android Operating System.

Customizing the Android Boot Animation

So now the two techniques which we are going to use includes one that the easiest way and it includes using a simple application but you still need to have the root access on your android device, so you can check out how to root your android device for full tutorial on gaining root access.

The second one is little bit tricky as it includes manually transferring the boot animation file using the file manager and then changing some parameters to get the animation running and live on your android device. So we will see both the methods below.

#1. Changing Boot Animation using App

Well this is the easiest way, we will be using a free application that will make this customization process a lot easier.

  1. You need to download a nice boot animation for your android device, well either you can download the boot animation from http://androidbootanimation.com (well more of these could be found @ XDA Developers)
  2. Now you need to install a simple and free application called "Boot Animations" well its available for free in google play store but you need to have root access. (You can check out How to Root your Android Device Easily)
  3. After you have successfully download the boot animation and installed the application, open the app and choose Backup/Restore.
  4. Now simply backup the original bootanimation for future use, in case you would like to come back this will help you out.
  5. Now just transfer the bootanimation you have downloaded from the above site and make sure to rename that file as "bootanimation.zip"
  6. Now simply locate this new file you have transferred using the application opened above and choose Install.

That's it now simply reboot your phone and your new boot animation will be live dazzling your device. Well this was the one way and it could be said as the easiest way for customizing your android boot animation.

#2. Changing Boot Animation Manually

Well this second method is little bit tricky but will surely help you out if you are not able to customize your boot animation using the above method.

  1. As I have mentioned above you need to grab a nice boot animation either you can google for it or download it here http://androidbootanimation.com (well more of these could be found @ XDA Developers)
  2. Now Install any free File Manager application, just making a search for Xplore or something else that works best for you.
  3. Now navigate to /system/media and search for the original bootanimation.zip file that will be present there.
  4. Now just press and hold on the file for little and choose Rename option, now simple rename the file as "bootanimation.zip1"
  5. Now you need to copy the downloaded file to /system/media and then you need to make sure that the file name is bootanimation.zip for it to work perfectly.
  6. android-file-permissionsNow once again press and hold on this new copied file and choose permissions and then make sure it looks something like on the right.
  7. So now after you have check marked the appropriate options simply press OK.
  8. That's it now you can reboot your phone and simply restart it again to see the customized animation live.

So guys that's it, this ends this another awesome post on customizing or changing your android boot animation pretty easily with some of the best themes available by the hackers and creators. Well I hope you won't find any problem following this tutorial, well the tutorial looks little bit lengthy but its worth it.