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08 June 2014

Top 10 Ways for Attracting more Advertisers on your Blog


If you are running a blog online and you are continuously exploring ways to make money then you might have heard about the advertising platform people use to monetize their blog, well majority use AdSense for its simplicity and ease of use. One can easily write some unique content and get a free adsense account hence making a lot of money. Other's usually try to explore more methods as they might be banned from adsense or they just need something direct for monetization.

Well apart from affiliate and other one thing which is going viral these days is the direct advertisement. This kind of advertisement is awesome due to its non commission option. Yes you are the real owner of whatever income you earn. So its much more like a proper business so its really great if you get more direct advertisers.

Make More Money with More Advertisers

Well now like we are having an Advertise Page that you can view to see the actual stats, price for each block and other things, well people have these pages for their blogs or websites but still they do not get more advertisers to advertise on your blog, as the key thing to do this is traffic but still there are many other ways you can attract an advertiser to advertise on your blog, well I have mentioned few below, check them out maybe they could help you in making some $$$

  1. Put an "Advertise with Us" Banner on your Website

    This is the single crucial thing for you to do. Try to link it to the a nice advertising page that displays every important information about your blog including rates about every single ad space. Bottom line: Make it a graphical image or a tab. Put it in an extremely noticeable area.

  2. Keeping the Advertisements Certain to your Website

    Do decline wallpaper advertisements or energies advertisements if your website has to do with electrical guitars. So actually we need to be niche relevant to get more noticed by every single advertiser.

  3. Display How Advertisements will Look Like

    If you presently do not have actually any paid ads put on your website, set up residence advertisements or partner advertisements in the very same areas you would run the paid advertisements. (A residence advertisement is a banner or other sort of advertisement for other serums or websites that you or your business own)

  4. Install a Complimentary Benefit Advertisement

    By putting an ad on your website free of cost you might not just motivate comparable advertisements or rivals to that serum, however the business you included totally free might choose to advertise with you also. In exchange for your courtesy request for complete disclosure of the efficiency of the project in return. (Complete clicks, variety of purchases and so on) Put the complimentary advertisement up with a direct URL without tracking tags or affiliate tags.

  5. Release your Website Statistics

    You have to reveal a minimum of one of the most fundamental of website particular analytical info: Monthly distinct prospects and complete variety of page impressions are the 2 crucial ones. Others can be Google PageRank (ending up being less and lesser) and Alexa rank. So this simple encourages advertisers to feel the depth of their advertisements being exposed to awesome readers.

  6. Know your Audience

    You have to understand the Male to Female ratio and the typical age of your readers. Other possible info consists of geographical, family earnings, single/married, variety of children and so on. However how do you get this info? You can do website surveys, studies, or get even more in-depth statistics from Google Analytics, ComScore, StatCounter, or a host of comparable services.

  7. Have an 'About Me/Us' Page

    Plainly discuss who you are and exactly what your website has to do with. Specifically inform individuals why you are an 'authority' on exactly what you are blogging about - and why any person must appreciate exactly what you need to state.

  8. Cover one Particular Subject

    If you cover a great deal of various subjects in your blog site or on your site, marketers will not understand if their items are really suitable for your website. So try to keep single Niche else become so popular that they regret to not advertise on your blog and loose all those awesome readers.

  9. Maintaining your Blog Professionally

    If you are discussing your feline, ranting about the most recent dispute with your manager, swearing or bashing everything and everyone you can think of you will not stand a risk in hell to discover marketing partners. Attempt to keeping your posts practical, intriguing and amusing and compose in a design that is fit to be checked out by any individual.

  10. Sacrificing Google AdSense $$$

    This will most likely be the most agonizing one for many people specifically if you are producing a couple of hundred dollars a month from Adsense currently. However Google Adsense tends to keeping potential marketers far from your blog site or site, due to the fact that some believe it makes websites look amateur. (I do not share this viewpoint, as you can see.)

So pretty much these are the Top 10 points that you should work on to get more advertisers advertising on your blog. Well hopefully following these you will for sure start getting messages from people to advertise on your blog, then it comes your mind talk to convince them on advertising maybe you have to negotiate the price or do whatever but here you need to pump in commersive mind.