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08 August 2014

Automatically Lock your Computer with Bluetooth Device

It happens a lot of time that you are working on your computer and suddenly someone knocks on your door and you get busy dealing with that guy, well and right at that time your small brother or anyone else start scrambling with your PC, hence closing your unsaved documents, playing some of your secret slideshow and other nasty stuff, well we posted earlier about the simpler locking and unlocking solution that you can use like using predator that could be used to lock your pc using the USB drive but still it's a manual process, well today I will show you an automated process that will help you in locking your computer automatically as soon as phone is not in range.

Locking your Computer in your Absence using BtProx

Yes this new small software called "BtProx" could allow you to lock your computer wirelessly using the Bluetooth enabled phone. Yes as soon as your Bluetooth device get out of range your computer will be locked and as soon as you get back in range your computer gets unlocked once again.

So now lets check below steps on how to configure this software.

  1. Bluetooth Proximity LockDownload BtProx Tool from SourceForge.net.
  2. Now after downloading and installing this tool, you need to open it up and change the Timeout value to 0 minutes. (If you want to immediately lock your computer)
  3. Now after configuring everything, simply press the start button and your tool will start working and scanning your Bluetooth.
  4. bluetooth proximity lockWell now as soon as your device gets out of range your computer will get locked, if you have prefitted some times then it will display a message that computer is going to be locked.

So guys now you remain secure at home or outside, just make sure to run this little application and keep your computer secure from intrusion. Well you need to have Bluetooth in both your phone and PC.