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12 August 2014

38 Creative Ways to Recycle and Reuse Old Stuff

People love to purchase more and more stuff but time by time it gets old and do not serve our purpose, well stuff bottles are crashed and dumped anyway, so today I will be showing you some awesome and creative ways you can use to recycle your old stuff and reuse it in a way that it looks awesome and creative.

People won't be able to tell the difference between new and old stuff if you use it in a fresh and clean way, well below are all the images displaying what could be done with the old stuff and how to put life into them.

#1. Converting Bottles into Pendant Lamps

Well if you have some old wine bottles that have nothing left in it and you were just going to dump it, well stop right away as we can convert these bottles into pendant lamps. Just check below images.


#2. Using Bottle Caps as Small Floating Candles

You might be having some caps left behind when you opened a bottle and used all the content, well do not throw these caps as you can use them as small candles.


#3. Skateboards into Small Picnic Tables

Have some old skateboards or even buy them from online stores selling second hand stuff for cheap, you can use it to create a small portable picnic table.


#4. Old Ladder into Bookshelf

Have any good old wood ladder that's just a waste for you, well convert it into an awesome bookshelf, well you can hide the ugly look of it by adding some splashes or paint or even decorating it with flowers.



#5. Converting Old Bicycle into Sink Stand

You can even convert your old bicycle into a normal sink stand, well doing this you take away the burden of loosing your pants budget and enjoying nice stand.


#6. Creating Bob Marley Hairs using Old Cords

Well have bunch of old cords lying like a waste, well now no more waste, you can convert all these old cords into useful Bob Marley hairs.

bob marley

#7. Chairs into Closet/Handing Units

Have some folding chairs, well now you can easily convert all those chairs into hanging units check below images.


#.8 Converting Old Plastic Spoons into Lamps

If you have just upgraded your crockery to steel or so then your old plastic spoons could be used for creating some nice lamps.

#9. Old DVD's into Mosaic Tile Plates


#10. Even Old Piano into an Awesome Bookshelf


#11. Old Tore into Ottoman


#12. Creating Aquarium from Old TV

What about creating an attractive aquarium out of your old Television set, well it would be an awesome option right, just sealing all the openings and then filling it up water and blushing fishes.


#13. Making a nice Chandelier out of Old Bike Parts

You can get some of these parts from used products market and then you can create some awesome chandelier out of all these parts, you just need to be creative.


#14. Lunch Box out of your CD Holder


#15. Creating Mirrors from Tennis Rackets


#16. Creating Chandeliers from Old Wine Bottles

Have some bunch of wine bottles lying here and there, well you can easily convert all these wine bottles into a nice chandeliers.


#17. Cutting Old Bath Tub into Sofa Set

Well with little adjustments and paint work, you can convert an old bath Tub into a nice sofa set, well here's how its done.


#18. Managing Excessive Wires using Toilet Paper Roll's


#19. Creating Dog's Feeding Station using Old Chairs


#20. Old Garden Rake into Wine Glass Holder


#21. Converting Old Skateboards into Guitars

Well earlier we demonstrated how you can create awesome children picnic table using old skateboards, well there is another awesome way you can utilize your skateboards into, you can convert them into Guitars.


#22. Creating Shelf from Old Guitars


#23. Create Graters Chandeliers


#24. Vintage Funnels into Candleholders


#25. Old Folks into Hanging Units


#26. Hangers into Changing Room


#27. Converting Old Briefcase into Portable Sofa


#28. Bicycle Tire into Hanging Clock


#29. Old Drum Kits into Light Chandeliers


#30. Creating Guitars Accessories using Old Credit Cards


#31. Old CPU as a Old Mail Receiving Option


#32. Old Screwdrivers as Hanging Units


#33. Old Piano as a Beautiful Waterfall


#34. Old Cassette as a Small Wallet


#35. Old Halogen Lamps as Oil Candles


#36. Creating Awesome Teddy from Old Gloves


#37. Converting Old Boat into Hanging Bed


#38. Adding Colored Glass to Outdoor Fence


So guys these were all the hacks you could implement in order to get old stuff recycled and reuse all of it like a new and awesome objects, hope you liked this post, if you do so do like and share it all over the social networks.