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19 August 2014

8 Secret and Useful Tips to Increase your Alexa Ranking

Numerous of my friends and blog owners asked me about how did you made it through the alexa rank in a brief period. Then i believed i would respond to all them in addition to the entire world with this Post. My alexa dropped in millions every day because of some killer ideas which i followed and which i will certainly now show you all. First of all let us go from the fundamentals that exactly what is alexa how it is very important.

increase alexa ranking

Exactly what Is Alexa and how is it Essential ?

Alexa is the ranking system which ranks your website/blog based upon its guidelines and terms. Alexa Ranks each and every certain website which exists on the internet with its position. You may have a concern that how alexa ranks every internet site? The response is: Alexa crawls the entire internet site, it sees the number of pages exist because website, it validates the number of websites are connecting back to your web site (Links) and it likewise examines the upgrading time of the website i.e., it inspects that for the number of days a blog site upgraded. So, based upon this terms the Alexa Ranks our blog sites.

Importance of Alexa ?

Alexa is essential for the blog owners in addition to website holders since if some common person need to know your blog site ranking then they will certainly on check your page rank or alexa rank. This likewise assists the marketers to understand about your blog site position. Google page rank updates it page rank on its desire it does not upgrade the ranks of all internet sites everyday and nobody understands when the google page rank upgrade will certainly launch. So, the majority of them like Alexa rank for examining specific blog/website to promote.

So, this is much crucial to have excellent alexa rank for blog writers for there blog if they wish to generate income from their blog site with ads.

Some Useful Tips to Increase your Alexa Ranking

  1. Posting Useful Content - well I started as a technology blog and later I analyzed that people need much more then just tech, they need pretty much everything from illegal stuff to how they can actually make their teeth white I guess. Well when I started I blog, I did not knew anything about monetization so I was posting everything from illegal (pirated software's) to some awesome trick to fool your friends by sending some fake pranky SMS.

    Well to be frank I gained a lot popularity, and some of my visitors still ask me to post all that stuff I used to post earlier. But as time passed I gained access to adsense and hence I monetized my blog, but adsense did not love all that content so I gained a lot of visitor with that stuff but lost my adsense account.

    So what I mean is that for the startup you can do something like that but you still have to careful that you might not be able to monetize your blog but you will for sure get many more awesome visitors.
  2. Claim your Website - Alexa does not rank any web site with great position up until that blog site exists in their directory site. So, you need to assert your blog site in the alexa internet site(This is like we send our site/blog for the online search engine). Well you can do this by hitting the Claim Site button and then adding the meta tag in your site and hitting verify button on Alexa.
  3. Get More Backlinks - Getting one of the most links back to your site/blog is the primary crucial method if you wish to enhance the Alexa Rank in an Extreme way. This is the just vital method to enhance the alexa rank swiftly.
  4. Embedding Alexa Widget on your Blog - Putting the Alexa Rank widget likewise will certainly enhance your blog site positions since each requires promo. Alexa likewise requires Promo. You can comprehend yourself that blog site with widget will certainly be ranked up than a blog site without widget as it is promoting alexa.
    Put the Alexa widget even if you rank less i.e., in lakhs or millions since it is good idea to enhance Alexa.

    Well you can easily embed the Alexa widget using a simply code below. Just replace the yoursite with your website link.

    <a href="http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/yoursite.com"><script type="text/javascript" src="http://xslt.alexa.com/site_stats/js/t/a?url=yoursite.com"></script></a>

  5. Enhance Traffic of Your Blog - Enhancing the traffic of the blog site by hook or crook is likewise crucial to enhance the alexa rank. If we have an excellent traffic all ranks will certainly fall under us. So, enhance the traffic by social media networks and google making use of great search engine optimization suggestions.
  6. Update Blog Frequently - As I stated you over that alexa likewise confirms that which is the blog site that is being upgraded frequently. So, do upgrade your blog site frequently a minimum of thrice in a week.
  7. Commenting and Online Forums - Discussing the others blog sites and in the online forums with great alexa rank will certainly likewise enhance your alexa rank as they work as backlink to your blog site. This will certainly likewise enhance your blog site traffic.
  8. Last Secret For Position Good Alexa Ranking - The last method which I will certainly recommend you all is "Developing Links from Technology Blogs" This will certainly enhance your alexa rank like a rocket since the alexa toolbar and the alexa widget will certainly be just made use of by the Techy individuals and Geeks.

This pointers will certainly work and offer you an excellent boost in your websites alexa rank. Still if you have any doubts and inquiries and really want still more pointers contact me of comment below. Do like and share this post.