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20 August 2014

Get Truecaller Premium Account Free for 1 Year

Truecaller is an amazing online numbers database service that tracks every single number and provides you with the details about the name and the place the number belongs too. Well the Truecaller Android app helps you in getting every single details as soon as a call pops in. So you can be sure you are picking the right number. Well now obviously the free version works pretty well but still upgrading to the premium version unlocks many more awesome features.

Truecaller Premium Account Features

Premium version of truecaller helps you in doing more with their service, well below are some of the awesome premium features.

  1. See who saw your Profile

    Being a validated Truecaller Premium user enables you to see who is seeing your individual profile. You can see the number of minutes ago somebody saw your profile!
  2. No more Advertisements!

    Take pleasure in checking out People You May Know, determining numbers, and getting one of the most from your Truecaller experience totally advertisement complimentary.
  3. Month-to-month Contact Demands

    At the start of each month while you are a Truecaller Premium user, you will certainly get 30 contact demands. These contact demands can be utilized to get in touch with somebody with Truecaller? s call search. An SMS message will certainly be sent out to them for their consent for you to see their contact information.

How to Get Truecaller Premium Account for Free

truecallerWell now normally the premium account for android users cost like Rs.55/month which is not a big amount but still if you wanna give a try before really getting then this offer is just for you, well now you can easily get 1 year free truecaller account by just searching for the PROMO CODE, so search and get free account.

Note Offer is only valid for the Android App users as premium account is currently not available for the iPhone users.

  1. Open Trucaller App in your Android Device.
  2. Now under the search type #‎ILOVETC and click on it now your PROMO CODE will be accepted your account will be upgraded to the premium version.

So now you can enjoy premium version of truecaller for free without any interruptions, enjoy using app without any advertisements, search for the one who searched for you and you can even contacts directly, so have fun and do share this post.