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28 August 2014

Increase your Android Phone RAM using Memory Card

increase android ram

RAM is a very essential part of any electronic machine that works on a software based platform and helps you achieve many things. Well normally high end devices come with a good amount of RAM that sufficient to play latest games and do more stuff. Well but if you unluckily went for the budget phone then you might be struggling with the lower RAM issues. Well today I will be showing you how you can easily convert your SD Card into phone RAM hence increasing your speed.

So now this whole process includes few technical stuff, so I recommend that you sit aside and concentrate on this post step by step to get further insight.

#1. Check if you phone supports Swapping or Not ?

Well the first step is to check if you phone supports swapping or not. So your phone must support the swap function else its not possible. Well you can download any swap check application, well check here.

#2. Partitioning your SD Card (Memory Card)

Well now you have checked that your phone supports the swap function, we are going to partition your SD Card, so for this you need few tools check steps below.

  1. Download MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  2. Install this software on your computer.
  3. Now after successful installation simply connect your SD Card using Card Reader.
  4. Open MiniTool Application then select the SD Card & press Delete Option.
  5. Now this will immediately format your SD Card, so make sure you already have backup of you stuff on your SD Card.
  6. Now your card is formatted and it has un-allocated space.
  7. Simply right click and choose New Partition, make sure partition is primary and file system is FAT32.
  8. Make sure to leave max. 1GB in your SD card and choose rest space as your above partition.
  9. Now again create another partition with left over space with primary mode but this time change the file system to EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4.
  10. Press Apply Changes and after processing for few minutes your partition will be created.

#3. Rooting your Smartphone

After your phone's SD Card partitioning is done, now its time to install an App for actually rooting your phone.

  1. Now install Link2SD application on your Android Device.
  2. Now launch the application and give root permission.
  3. Choose the .EXT partition you have created earlier.
  4. Now it sorts the app and start linking them.

#4. Its Time to Increase your Smartphone RAM

Well now everything is done quiet accurately, its time to increase your smartphone RAM, well lets see how its going to be done.

  1. Now for this process you have to install another application called Swapper for Root well its available for free simply visit the link and install.
  2. After installation open the application and select the amount of RAM you wanna increase.
  3. Now this application will created a .SWP file and after a sought your RAM will be increased.

Using a Paid Android RAM Expander Application

Well there is another alternative but easier solution for expanding your android smartphone RAM using a paid application.

  1. Install ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP)
  2. Well make sure to first check your device for the swap function as above.
  3. So install this application and boom.

So guys this ends another useful post for all the people who are really in a search for something that could help them to play all those awesome rich graphic games easily. Well I hope this helps you, so have fun using this trick and sharing it with friends.