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31 August 2014

Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

Trading domain names is becoming a business and people are making millions from this awesome online trade, well the best part is that you do not have to purchase any commodity but just a domain name online and then mark your price and enjoy the booming profit. Well I have posted many domain tricks like migrating your .blogspot domain to any awesome custom domain you might have purchased and even getting a free domain name from google and starting your online business with just $10.

most expensive domains

Well today I will be revealing some facts about the most expensive domain names ever sold. Well yes these domains were like the normal one's but due to some mad skilled heads thinking of something innovative they priced the domain name at the property level and yes it was in reality so expensive.

#10. Casino.com {$5.5 Million in 2003}

Mansion Limited purchased Casino.com back in 2003 and they operate it from Gibraltar, well they organize so many online games over this site and this site has paid them a lot right from that time.

#9. iCloud.com {$6 Million in 2011}

Apple purchased this domain name in 2011 for quiet heavy amount and now all the apple users might know how they are actually utilizing this domain name, well its used to backup your content online and if you need more space they provide you for quiet cheap. So kind of a backup site used by Apple.

#8. Beer.com {$7 Million in 2004}

Beer.com was purchased by Thought Convergence back in 2004 and currently this domain is not in use, well there are few rumors that this domain was purchased in $2 Million not $7 Million but still that's a rumor.

#7. Diamond.com {$7.5 Million in 2006}

Well this domain is prices same as Business.com but still it was purchased later and as the dollar prices dropped from older time then business.com tops this domain.

#6. Business.com {$7.5 Million in 1999}

A business search engine and wen directory founded by Jake Winebaum (former chairman of Walt Disney) well earlier he sold the whole company for massive $345 Million to Yellow Pages publisher RH Donnelly.

#5. FB.com {$8.5 Million in 2010}

FB.com was purchased by Facebook from American Farm Bureau Federation for just redirecting it to their main domain Facebook.com

#4. Fund.com {$14.9 Million in 2008}

Domain was purchased by Gentile, Philip for £9.9 which amounted to $14.9 Million, well but domain name is not yet in the working stage.

#3. Insure.com {$16 Million in 2009}

Well originally shifted to the name Life Quotes after they received an offer for $16 Million from QuinStreet is considered to be an expensive domain the list.

#2. Vacationrentals.com {$35 Million in 2007}

The second most expensive domain name ever sold, well its a vacation based website selling packages to Mount Fuji or anything.

#1. Insurance.com {$35.6 Million in 2010}

Insurance.com was the most expensive domain name ever sold, well it delivers all the awesome insurance based packages for cars and other things.

Well this ends this another post, hope you liked all these expensive domain names that serve you with something amazing but origin of all these domains is so heavy. Well if you liked this post do share and like it on facebook and google+