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24 September 2014

3 things which shouldn't be attempted on Solid State Drive

samsung ssd

When as compared to the routine mechanical hard disk drives, Solid State Drives (SSD's) are very unique and provide you an efficiency boost in concerns of boot time and application load time. SSDs work rather in a different way from the box by utilizing NAND-based flash memory instead of making use of the moving mechanical parts like in the routine hard disk drives. Like other electronic gadgets, SSDs likewise feature their own weak points (aside from the heavy price) too. If you are making use of an SSD on your Windows device, right here are the 3 things that you need to bear in mind of.

#1. Do not Use Index Feature in Windows

Whenever you misplace a file or folder, you can utilize the Windows search function to track those files or folders. To enhance the search function in Windows, an indexing service runs in the background to keep an eye on all the file and folder modifications. As this service updates its database frequently, it leads to a great deal of composes on your SSD and could ultimately break down the efficiency. Although this background service is extremely valuable in faster indexing and browsing, the Windows search function runs simply great even when you disable the indexing service. Considering that it is advised that you disable this service on your SSD, the steps are provided below.

ssd-precaution-disable-indexTo disable indexing in Windows, ideal click your SSD and choose "Properties" from the list of choices. Right here under the "General" tab, uncheck the check box for "Allow files on this drive to have actually contents indexed in addition to submit homes." Now click the "Ok" button to conserve modifications. That's all there is to do to disable Indexing service on your SSD.

#2. Do not Disable TRIM or Use Old Operating Systems

Whenever you erase a file on an SSD, the OS will certainly simply eliminate the index of that file and send out a TRIM command to flag the sectors as readily available so it can be tidied up when your computer system is idle. This considerably enhances the efficiency of SSD, as the OS can compose the brand-new information into the SSDs far more effectively. TRIMMING is supported in almost all the contemporary os and it is suggested that you keep this function allowed and not turn it off.

It is likewise advised that you keep away from the old os like Windows XP or Vista whenever you are making use of SSDs as your primary OS drive. These old os does not support TRIM command and are likewise not enhanced for being utilized in SSDs.

#3. Do not Fill Them to Full Capacity

To enhance the efficiency of the SSDs, it is constantly suggested that you just utilize about seventy-five percent of the disk area. In fact, exactly what takes place in the background is that when you fill your SSD, it takes double the time to re-write all the partly filled blocks with the brand-new information. If your SSD has a great quantity of complimentary area, then it has a great deal of empty blocks, and the OS takes less time to compose the information into those empty blocks. If possible, constantly keep your SSD at less than seventy-five percent of its capability.


While SSD is a quicker replacement for the old mechanical hard disk drive, you still need to preserve it and utilize the very best practices to keep it in leading shape which in turn provides you much better efficiency. For the rate that you spend for the SSD, I make sure you will not wish to harm it so quickly.