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30 September 2014

How to Change Profile Name on Facebook after Limit

We all love ding some impressive stuff on the biggest social giant so that people are aware that we know something they don't, we try to get some nice profile picture, maybe some creative cover photo and even changing our name to different font styles. Primarily lots of people doesn't understand that facebook keep some limitations for Pages, Profiles, Groups, Friends, Events etc. much like we can't modify facebook profile name after 5 times, We cant modify our profile username even more than 1 time, we cant modify a facebook page name after 200 Likes after the update was released and we were able to alter it one time if we have seriously made some mistakes, we cant modify facebook group name after reaching 250 members, We cant include even more than 5000 buddies to our facebook profile and it is not possible to alter the name of an event if it has even more than 5,000 individuals invited.

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Now-a-Days, Many individuals are keeping Facebook Profile Names in Different elegant Fonts like flipping the text, adding some shift keys stuff etc. and so on. However Facebook implies a BAN on the Accounts who make use of those Stylish font styles, FAKE names!! So I personally recommend you to keep your Facebook Account of Real Name with no typefaces or Special characters.

But still if for some reason your profile name limitation is gone beyond and you wish to alter your facebook profile name to your Real Name then we have a simple solution to that thing, but please don't repeat this again and again maybe you will get banned to do so, its one time process after your facebook name changing limit is over.

Ways to Change Facebook Profile Name after Name Limits ?

  1. Visit this Help Contact Page. Make sure you are signed on to Facebook.
    facebook name change application
  2. Fill that Form and you need to send your Valid Government-Issued Proof - image ID like a Passport or Driver's license etc.
  3. Any 1 Proof will certainly satisfy from the list below [examples].
    • Permit, home authorization or migration documents.
    • Birth certification.
    • Individual or automobile insurance coverage card.
    • Marital relationship certification.
    • Authorities name modification documents.
    • Voter ID card.
    • Non-driver's government ID (ex. handicap, SNAP or nationwide ID card).
  4. Note If you do not have a government-issued Proof-photo ID, You can send copies of any 2 other documents that together reveal your complete name, birthday and photo.
  5. Any 2 Proofs will certainly be required from the list below [examples].
    • Charge card.
    • Energy costs.
    • School or work ID.
    • Library card.
    • Inspect.
    • Bus card.
    • For more details about the Submission of Proofs, Check the Facebook Help
    • Center Page By Clicking Here.
  6. Prior to you send your any legitimate ID evidence, Try to have a genuine image on your facebook account coz this could assist you to obtain your name modification faster as facebook employee will certainly consider your FB profile as genuine profile.

My Personal Experience: Earlier I faced this trouble and facebook asked me to send any Valid evidence and I sent my College ID card image by taking a snap from my mobile. Facebook personnel confirmed it and altered my name within 4-5 days. So I recommend you to take a clear image of you evidence either by Scanning or by snapping using a good mobile camera.

If you have any doubts or troubles concerning with this facebook profile name modification after name limitations reached problem, You can ask right here in comments below, I will really grateful to help you out.