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06 August 2015

Top 25 Cheap Web Hosting Companies for $1/Month


Web hosting is required to get your site online unless you get some promotional offers like Google is providing free .in domain and hosting for year, well but still these promotions might stop some productivity, so in that case you need to go for your own online web hosting after reviewing you might find some good ones. Well but today I have a list for you that provides cheap web hosting for approx. $1/month.

So using this you can get your wordpress blog online hence you are ready to start blogging for a very cheap price. Well all the sites given below are reviewed some other online blogs so you have to go through every site on your own to see which suits best to you. But I think being cheap its going best web hosting as you are everytime ready to leave and shift to another hosting provider for checking it out.

Top 25 Cheap Web Hosting Reviews

  1. Dollar SEO Hosting
    – http://www.dollarseohosting.com starts at $1 per month and $1 per c-class IP address.
  2. 3ix – http://www.3ix.org One of my favorite cheap hosting providers starting $1 per month.
  3. 123 Systems - http://123systems.net Another favorite web hosting starting at $4 per year!
  4. Host Ripples – http://hostripples.com Starting at $1 per month for Linux and $2 per month for windows hosting.
  5. Hobo Host – https://www.hobohost.com Cheap $1 per month host with 3,000mb space.
  6. My True Host – http://www.mytruehost.com Starts at $1 per month with unlimited bandwidth.
  7. Link Alone – http://www.linkalone.com Another $1 host with 1gb disk space.
  8. Hostica – http://www.hostica.com Starts at $1 for only 1 website.
  9. Host So – http://www.hostso.com $1 hosting with unlimited bandwidth and 20gb disk space.
  10. VPS Hosting Deal – http://www.vpshostingdeal.com Starts at $12 per year 1 core CPU and 20gb disk space.
  11. AI Cheap web Hosting – http://www.aicheapwebhosting.com $1 per month web hosting and up to 100gb bandwidth.
  12. Host Bandit - http://hostbandit.com Starts at $1 a month with a cute little doggy mascot!
  13. Zetta Host - http://www.zettahost.com 1-dollar-web-hosting $1 web hosting provider with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  14. Host Budget - http://www.hostbudget.com 1dollar-web-hosting.html Starts at $1 with 1gb disk space.
  15. Siteadwiki – http://www.siteadwiki.com Cheapest host yet starting at $.50 per month.
  16. Hosting Dude – http://www.hostingdude.com They still have their old 1970′s design! Starts at $1 per month hosting.
  17. Level Hosting – http://www.levelhosting.ca/hosting.html Offer plans from $35.70 a year or $2.98 a month (use coupon code wht50life)
  18. Stable host – http://www.stablehost.com Offer plans starting at $3.95 per month (use coupon code US-WHT2012-25 for 25% OFF For Life or WHTLOVE for 50% Off your first invoice)
  19. Eleven 2 – http://www.eleven2.com/shared-hosting plans starting at $59.40 a year (use coupon code wht40off for 40% off)
  20. Geek Storage – https://www.geekstorage.com/order/web-hosting.html plans starting at $7.99 a month (use coupon code 30OFF4LIFE for 30% off for life)
  21. Cirtex Hosting – http://www.cirtexhosting.com starting at $2.49 per month with unlimited storage and bandwidth (use coupon forum for 50% off)
  22. Hawk Host – http://www.hawkhost.com Starting at $20 annually (coupon code whts50v2 for 50% off your first payment)
  23. Shark Space – http://www.eleven2.com Starting at $2.47 per month (use coupon 50offlife for a 50% discount for life)
  24. Always Web Hosting – http://www.alwayswebhosting.com starting at $6.95 (use coupon code happynewyear for 90% off)
  25. Ninja Lion – http://www.ninjalion.com/shared.php plans starting at $29.50 per year (use coupon launch to get 50% off for life)