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17 September 2014

How to Create Custom 404 Error Page in Blogger Blog

No doubt it's difficult to obtain traffic from Google or other online search engine however it's harder to sustain them or let them engaged with your site. Your website visitors will certainly do not prefer to enter your website and discover 404 error page and you as an admin will certainly likewise do not prefer to lose your site visitors without scrolling your website. To prevent this thing you have some alternatives to let them engage even they do not discover their needed post or product.

custom 404 error page blogger

Ways to Create Custom 404 Page Blogger

Right here we will certainly go over about the best ways to produce customized 404 mistake page in blog owner with exceptionally easy method. Blog owner make blogging even more simple with pre-programmed customized setting so you do not have to waist your time in producing a custom-made page utilizing html or other coding, Blog owner provides an access to create customized 404 mistake page in blog site settings.

Exactly what you in fact have to do? You merely have to well develop your error page with appealing info, search box, or other plugins or widgets which focus your readers to remain at your blog site, no matter they do not get their needed info however undoubtedly they will certainly get other comparable info on your blog site you simply have to reroute them to such associated post.

What I have Done on this Blog ?

Well you might be thinking what I have actually done on my error page, well I have not designed my error page as I just wanted to redirect anyone who lands on my 404 page to my homepage. Well using the automatic redirection script I achieved this awesome feature. So if you are just looking for a script that will automatically redirect all your 404 pages to your homepage then this is the best one else continue below.

Design Much better 404 Pages

To create an excellent looking mistake page you have to utilize some smart techniques lets beginnings from editing it code, you have to produce a brand-new post and at the first minute modification mistake message which would resemble that by default "Sorry The Page You Are Looking Is Not Discovered" which contaminate do not provides an expert impression on your site visitors. Now we are going to alter this message.

Creating a New Post in Blogger

So now what we are going to do is to create a new post in blogger and then copy all the HTML content of it and paste it in the Error Page to make your error page awesome. So follow below steps.

  1. Open Blogger > Posts > New Post.
  2. Now create your post like you normally do, add text that you want to show on your error page, add some nice images and even HTML Contents like you used to do earlier.
  3. Include associated post widget code on this page to provide an expert aim to attract them to your other comparable post so they isn't able to stop your website without getting their needed things.
  4. Now click a tab of HTML of a page you created and copy the code so that we can paste it in a predesigned page choice in blog writer.
  5. After the developing and getting code we need to go to Settings > Search Preferences > Custom Page Not Found.
  6. Just paste the whole code you copied from the above HTML Tab section.
  7. Lastly you are virtually done simply hit Save and your Error Page will be saved with the design you have just pasted in.

You could likewise place GOOGLE ADSENSE ADD CODE in you not discovered page as you developed the page earlier. Hope this strategy will certainly assist you out to stop your visitors from navigating away from your site. Try to create something new so that your visitors are secured and they can be easily navigated to your other site's content.