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25 September 2014

[FIX] Facebook not showing correct Post Title & Description

Today, I made some modifications in among my older posts, and I chose to share the post on Facebook, however I later on find that the upgraded description does not appear, rather the out-of-date description did. I study and later on find that Facebook has cache the page and it will certainly take a while prior to it will certainly be upgraded. So in order to make Facebook reveal the appropriate description, I need to compel them to re-cache my page information. I had the ability to make Facebook to upgrade its cache for my post with the assistance of Facebook debugger.


Facebook debugger makes it simple to upgrade your Facebook values after you've made modifications or find Facebook is utilizing out-dated info.

Follow the basic steps detailed below to make use of Facebook debugger to compel Facebook to upgrade cache of your page information:

  1. Open the Facebook debugger site.
  2. Copy and paste the post URL into the debugger.
  3. Lastly, click Debug.

If you follow the easy steps above very carefully, Facebook must now be showing the upgraded image, title or description of the post. Now you can once again try to share the post with your friends on facebook and you will discover that your post is showing new description which you have updated.

So now anytime you come across a situation that you think facebook is not showing the correct description or title, just debug that post and boom your new post title, description and even the image will be fetched and shown easily.