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25 September 2014

How to Record Your Screen as an Animated GIF Image

As the appeal of animated GIF remains to increase, there are an increasing number of software application that enables you to transform video to an animated GIF. Well I have posted on how you can create GIF Images using the Camtasia Studio 8 well its really an awesome tool but if you wish to tape-record your screen as an animated GIF, right here is another option for you. LICEcap is an easy and light-weight software application that enables you to record your desktop and wait to. GIF format. It applies for Windows and Mac (sorry, no Linux variation) and is extremely simple to utilize. Most importantly, it is totally free.

LICEcap Tool Records Screen & Creates GIF Images

  1. Download LICEcap from its site and install it in your computer system. When you open it up, all you will certainly see is a transparent frame.
    LICEcap Transparent frame
  2. All you need to do is to place the transparent frame over the area of the screen that you wish to record. You can resize the frame (by dragging the corner of the frame, or set the width and height by hand) or perhaps optimize it to cover the complete screen. As soon as you are finished with the positioning, just click the Record button.
  3. Prior to it begins recording, it will certainly trigger you to pick an area to conserve the file. Notification that you have a selection to show the title frame, elapsed time and mouse button press in the recording. You can likewise alter the repeat count (default is 0, meanings unlimited looping).
  4. When you are finished with the recording, click the Stop button and now you can make some settings for Saving option from the window like above.

Right here is a sample of the recording produced with LICEcap.

LICEcap recording demo

Note that the above animated GIF has actually been enhanced for internet display screen and it is not the real quality produced by LICEcap.

Aside from. GIF format, LICEcap likewise supports its own. LCF format which is lossless, has greater compression ratios than. GIF, greater quality and even more precise time stamping. The only trouble with this. LCF format is that it is not acknowledged by the majority of image editing application. It does deal with REAPER though. If you are trying to find an easy and light-weight software application to tape-record your desktop to animated GIF format, LICEcap is the one to opt for.