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30 April 2016

Best Heart Touching Love Stories that will Inspire You :)

Love now days is just like cheating, flirting and many other scams, well earlier it use to become a legend in the history like Romeo/Juliet and many other inspirational characters who sacrificed their lives for maintaining a long term relationship. Well today we won't be checking any older stories but some modern one's who attempted to maintain their but somehow GOD took one soul and left other in vein.

heart touching love stories

Well these stories are based on true events and one should not get demotivated about what really happens, its life some people mark a level that GOD want them to be on their side loving each other without being disturbed from the bad world eyes.

Emotional Heart Pumping Love Stories that will Make you Cry for True Love

I am covering some of the most emotional heart touching love stories, that when read would seriously make you believe in true love, so come on of you are still waiting to grab her hand and say I Love U, then do it now else the time won’t be standing for you to say it later.

There was a Boy ‘n a Girl,They were best friends for years ‘n years,They could Talk for hours on the Phone ‘n text each other for days,

When They were Together;
Not a single Sad Thought could cross their Minds, everything was Great, But One Day;

The Boy did not Answer any Call or Reply to any Text for a Day,

The Girl was worried that something was Wrong..:(

At night She couldn’t Sleep.., She was sitting in her Room Crying, ‘n It was then that She Realized how much He Means to Her..?

The next Morning;
She woke Up from a Phone call.., It was the Boy..:)

Boy: Hey..,
Girl: I'm so glad that you Called Me, What happened to you yesterday ??
Boy: I was Busy
[ The GIRL Understood that;
Something was Wrong but could not Ask]

Boy: You know..; We should Stop talking..!
Girl: What??.., But Why ??
Boy: I am Sorry, Bye..!
[He Disconnected the call, 'n She Felt as If Somebody
had Slammed the door on Her face]

Everything else Flashed in Her Mind,
Tears :’(
Cars running by Her..
Roof of some building..’n Sunset..
She couldn't understand anything..
She started Feeling Lonely, Dejected, ‘n broken..:’(
That was the answer to everything! His words were pouncing on her..
Her heart wanted to jump out!
He was the One..! “Why..??”
She Screamed at the Top of her Voice;

Then She made up Her Mind to make a last Try to get Him Back..!
[She called Him Up]

Girl: hi…
Boy: Why are you calling Me?
Girl: I need to tell you Something..
Boy: Go Ahead.
Girl: I Just Wanted You to know one thing before we stopped talking!
Boy: Tell me..!
Girl: Are you All right?

[She broke off..!

She tried but may be he doesn't really Care about Her,
She Thought!
She wasn't His friend in the first Place...

Tears were slowly running Worst :'(
She left the House with a Note..!

[5 hours later]

Phone Rang in the Boy’s Room,
It was the Girl’s Mum,
The girl was lying in the hospital, Got hit by a Car, :’(

The Boy rushed to the Hospital where She was.

She Opened Her Eyes with the Boy’s name..,

He took her Hand..
Boy: Im so Sorry Its all my fault..! But;
I promise when U get better I’ll make It up to You..:(

Girl: I wont get Better..

Boy: No..! No Don’t say that..:(

Girl: just tell me one thing Why did you do it?

Boy told her that He had a Heart problem ‘n he did not want her to be worried;
‘n there was a risk that he could have Died..!

Boy: I did that because I…..I…..I Love you..

Girl: I LOVE YOU TOO..‘n After That her heart Stopped Beating…:O
She Died..! :’(

The Boy died 10 mins later from a Heart Attack..:’(

He could not live with the thought that;
She died Because of Him.. :’(

Moral: "If You Love Someone…Then Don’t Hold Back Your Feelings… Because Love is The Reason to Live..!
Love is Beautiful.. !"

Girl: Hey Baby, Happy Birthday...

Boy: thank u shona...  :)

Girl: I'll be at your house at 7:30PM

Boy: Okay baby, Promise?

Girl: Yeah, I promise. I love you so much.. no matter what happens.

Boy: I love you too. I am going to cook for our dinner :)

Girl: okay baby.

(Exactly 7:30, girl does not arrive...1 hour goes by 8:30 and the girl arrives....).

: hey babe.. What took you so long?

Girl: *hugs him*, Sorry. There was a lot of traffic.

Boy: Its okay as long as u are here...

I bet you're hungry. They went to dinner and ate and talked...

*Boy phone rings*
*Its the girls mom*

Boy: hello

Girls mom: ( crying ) son, I have to tell u something I am in the
hospital right now my daughter just passed out.

Boy: ha? What are u talking about?

Girls mom: (crying) she was in a car crash a "hour ago" she did not make it. .
Boy: "shocked" looks at his girl.

The girl is in the dark holding a candle saying.

"Baby, I did not break my promise.. Always Be Happy Honey.. I am always with you..."

There was once a guy who suffered from cancer... a cancer that can't be treated. He was 18 years old and he could die anytime. All his life, he was stuck in his house being taken cared by his mother. He never went outside but he was sick of staying home and wanted to go out for once.

So he asked his mother and she gave him permission. He walked down his block and found a lot of stores.

He passed a CD store and looked through the front door for a second as he walked. He stopped and went back to look into the store. He saw a young girl about his age and he knew it was love at first sight. He opened the door and walked in, not looking at anything else but her. He walked closer and closer until he was finally at the front desk where she sat.

She looked up and asked "Can I help you?" She smiled and he thought it was the most beautiful smile he has ever seen before and wanted to kiss her right there

He said "Uh... Yeah... Umm... I would like to buy a CD." He picked one out and gave her money for it.

"Would you like me to wrap it for you?" she asked, smiling her cute smile again.

He nodded and she went to the back.

She came back with the wrapped CD and gave it to him. He took it and walked out of the store. He went home and from then on, he went to that store everyday and bought a CD, and she wrapped it for him. He took the CD home and put it in his closet. He was still too shy to ask her out and he really wanted to but he couldn't. His mother found out about this and told him to just ask her.

So the next day, he took all his courage and went to the store. He bought a CD like he did everyday and once again she went to the back of the store and came back with it wrapped. He took it and when she wasn't looking, he left his phone number on the desk and ran out...


The mother picked up the phone and said, "Hello?"

It was the girl!!! She asked for the boy and the mother started to cry and said, "You don't know? He passed away yesterday... "

The line was quiet except for the cries of the boy's mother.

Later in the day. the mother went into the boy's room because she wanted to remember him. She thought she would start by looking at his clothes. So she opened the closet. She was face to face with piles and piles and piles of unopened CDs. She was surprised to find all those CDs and she picked one up and sat down on the bed and she started to open one.

Inside, there was a CD and as she took it out of the wrapper, out fell a piece of paper. The mother picked it up and started to read it.
It said: Hi... I think U R really cute. Do u wanna go out with me? Love, Jacelyn

The mother opened another CD...

Again there was a piece of paper.

It said: Hi... I think U R really cute. Do u wanna go out with me? Love, Jacelyn
Love is... when you've had a huge fight but then decide to put aside your egos, hold hands and say, "I Love You . . . "

Moral: If you Really Love Someone please Expressed your feeling and let them know how much you Love them,That person might also love you in the same way as you love them Before it is too late........
My Advice is to all those who are in love to express your love to the person you love before it is too late.......

1 year after a boy leave his girl.

Boy: hi, you looked prettier.

Girl: some people say m beautiful......

Boy: ya. Beautiful, brilliant, n kind, i know that... So, how's that lucky guy..

Girl: m single....

Boy: don't u want 2 make a relationship with some one ?

Girl: i want..

Boy: don't tell me no one luv u...

Girl: some guys do..

Boy: bad guys?

Girl: no, they're nice...

Boy: so, what's the problem?

Girl: You.. I can't stop loving u..... :'(

A young boy Talking To A Ghost..

Boy: Why Did You Die … ? ?

GHOST: I Was Hit By A Car Trying To Save Someone

Boy: Why?

GHOST: Because I Don’t Want Her To Get Hurt.

Boy: You Really Love Her A Lot Because You have
Sacrificed Your Own Life Just For Her. May be She’s Sad Now, Because Of Your Death.

GHOST: No. She’s Very Happy Because The 0ne That I Saved Is The Man Whom She Loves. . .

There was a couple who decided to End their relationship. Boy was not ready to accept it but he had to.....

One Day Boy Got Married......

His Ex-Girlfriend approached him and said :-

How Dare You Used My Favorite Color As The Theme For Your Wedding!!!

How Dare You Use My Favorite Flower As Your Decoration!!!

How Dare You To Set Our Anniversary As Your Wedding Day!!!

& How Dare You Use Our Theme Song For The Ceremony!!! :'(

The Boy Cried And Said :

"Because This Is The Only Way I Could Pretend That You Are My Bride...."

Moral: Never Leave Someone For Little Misunderstandings.Only Few In The Millions Gets True Love.

Boy and Girl are sitting alone in the park one night....

Boy: I guess we are the left overs in this world ....

Girl: I think so.....All of my friends have boyfriends and we are only the 2 persons left in this world with out any special person in our life ...

Boy: Yup I don't know what to do ..

Girl: I know! We'll play a game ..

Boy: What game ?

Girl: I'll be your girl friend for 30 days and you will be my boy friend ...

Boy: That's a great plan in fact i don't have
nothing to do much this following weeks...


They watch their first movie and they both
touched in a romantic film ..


They went to the beach and have a picnic...
Boy and Girl have their quality time together

DAY 12

Boy invited Girl to a circus and they
ride on a Horror House....Girl was scared
and she touched Boy's hand but she touched
someone else's hand and they both

DAY 15

They saw a fortune teller down the road and
they asked for their future advice and the fortune
teller said: "My darling, Please don't waste the
time of your life...Spend the rest of your time together
happily" Then tears flow out from the teller's eyes

DAY 20

Girl invited Boy to go to the hill and
they saw a meteor...Girl mumbled
something ...

DAY 28

They sat on the bus and because of a bumpy
road Girl gave her first kiss to Boy by
accident ...

DAY 29

11:37pm: Girl and Boy sat in the park where
they first decided to play this game...

Boy: I'm tired.... Do you want any drinks? I'll buy you one....
I'll just go down the road ...

Girl: Apple Juice that's all ...

Boy: Wait for me....

20 mins later... a stranger approached Girl …

Stranger: Are you a friend of that Boy ?

Girl: Yes.. Why ? What happened ?

Stranger: A reckless drunken driver ran over
boy and he is critical in the hospital ...

11:57pm: The doctor went out of the emergency room
and he handed out an apple juice and a letter ...

Doctor: We found this in boy's pocket ..

Girl reads the letter and it says:

This past few days, i realized …
you are really a cute girl and i am really falling for you..
Your cherish smile your everything when we
played this game..... Before this game would end...I
would like you to be my girl friend for the rest of my life....

I love you ....

Girl crumples the paper and shouted:

"I don't want you to die...I love you...
Remember that night when we saw a meteor, I mumbled something...
I mumbled that I wish we would be together forever and never end this game.
Please don't leave me.... I love you! You cannot do this to me"

Then the clock strikes 12

Boy's heart start pumping ....


Boy: Hi baby!! How are u? I'm so happy today!!

Girl: Wait, I'll text u later, I'm still busy with my thesis.

Boy: Can u do it later? Let's talk first.. I miss u so much baby.

Girl: I have to finish this on time, u know that.

Boy: Please baby, just this once? u can finish that tomorrow.

Girl: What???? Can't u understand this is my project!? Can't u give me time for myself?? COULD U PLEASE? I ALSO HAVE MY OWN LIFE..LET ME LIVE FOR MYSELF FOR ONCE! STOP TEXTING ME!

Boy: Sorry baby. I love u very very much. I'll just text u later.

Boy: Hi baby, I can't stay long not texting you. I really wanted to talk to u.. I want us to be happy again.

Boy: Hi baby, still u are not responding to my texts. How's your thesis?

Boy: Baby... Please respond, I'm worried already..

Boy: Baby it's already 10 PM.. It's been 2 hours but u are still not replying to my text. I miss u already...i love u so much!

Boy: Hum baby.. I love u so much.. I'm just here for u always.. The time is near that we'll always be together..

Girl: Didn't I tell u I'll text u after I'm done with my thesis?! Can't u understand that?!?! Why is it so hard for u to get that I'm BUSY?? It's like there's no tomorrow..u are overreacting..WILL U JUST SLEEP??

Boy: Sorry baby.. Ok. Goodnight baby..I love u..Take care of yourself always..I'll always here to guide u..I'm just here..I'll never leave u.

.....the NEXT DAY........

Girl: Baby, wake up..Sorry about what I've said last night..i was just really busy..eat your breakfast baby, I'll be going to school now.

Girl: Wake up baby, u still have classes to attend..text me when you're awake..

Girl: Hey, why until now you're not texting? It's already our lunch break..why didn't u attend your classes? Don't u have phone credits? Please text me..

Boy: He left us already..my son left me already..Your boyfriend left u..he already left those who are dear to him..Did he tells u he's sick?

This was the 3rd year his doctor gave him...we thought it wasn't true..Because no one can predict how long a person can live in this world..but to our surprised, his heart didn't make it too..

We tried to wake him up this morning but he never responded... There was a message for u in his phone but he wasn't able to send it..

"Take care of yourself always, I'm happy where I am going..please, don't cry..I'm sorry I didn't tell u about my condition..i don't want to bother u bcoz I know how busy u are with your thesis..i don't wanna add up to ur worries..I'm not sure if I'm lucky enough to still have a chance to wake up tomorrow but I'm always praying that He'll give me a chance to see u and be with u everyday of my life..I love u so much...i regret that we didn't have a chance to talk longer today.. but I understand u..u might fail on your thesis if u won't be able to finish it..I'm really really sorry...and I love u very very much.. Please, promise me you'll be strong..I'm by your side now..I'll always be here..♥" :-/ :|

Life is short, either you can love or be loved but don’t make it hell by not trusting your love. You have full control over your life, but you can think twice and make someone's life a lot happier.