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07 October 2014

Indian Education System vs. Foreign Education System ?

Indians are so gifted and its only India where 65% youngsters (Less than 35 years) are living. We usually see many Indians are selected worldwide in the multi national companies, creating their fortune. But still there lacks proper education, because Indian education is so inadequate in front of the huge nations like U.S, U, K and Gulf nations. Our Government tries to offer every resource (possibly everything) what other nations are supplying, however they are not efficient in doing anything. Today, I am going to compose this post after doing a brief study, that why Indian education system fails in front of foreign education system.

indian education system

Major Difference between Indian Education System and Foreign (Abroad) Education System ?

Exactly what are the major differences between Indian and Foreign Education system, well we are going to have a look at some key points mentioned below.

  1. Indian education system does not enable to do any innovative work due its old and bad structure. They concentrate on concept as opposed to useful understanding. They bind students mind by making it restricted in specific area as an outcome we do not get much direct exposure as we ought to get.
  2. Today we are quite knowledgeable about some college graduation degree course that is Engineering, Medical, mass communication and all, we are just getting just theoretical courses rather of getting useful training.
  3. In foreign education system, in the courses like B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) and clinical, students are having various education method as they need to go to one term theoretical courses followed by one term useful training which they have actually studied in their last term This made them useful and they begin getting direct exposure to market.
  4. In India, students are following or confessed to those streams which are having greater tasks with greater pay scale regardless of their interest. However in Foreign, students follows or confessed according to their interest.
  5. Indian education are still following the old innovations and did not altered a little after self-reliance. However foreign education modifications goes on just like innovation and assisting students to find out how simply one can invest period of time in creating newest innovation.
  6. Indians think to get admissions in bigger organization like IIM's and IIT's you need to score heavy grades. However in foreign, practical knowledge and skills are needed to get admissions and they do not provide the top priority to marks and grades.
  7. In India, its usually the person y person following case, so if someone is doing MBA then all of them just follows him and completed their MBA. They do not pick their course in which they are interested. However this thing is not there in foreign education system.

As i have actually discussed some points which reveal why India's education system fails in front of foreign education system and these are not only the points that proves this failure there might be many not discussed. Its parents and government duty to provide proper education to the upcoming generation, else the day will come we will have more "Politicians then Doctors"