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05 November 2014

How to Fool your Friends & Get their Crush Name Easily

ultimate love calculator

Well we have already posted many pranking stuff like notepad tricks that would for sure scare the hell out of your friends and some other awesome one's like 7 coolest JavaScript hacks, well today I have another awesome one with this you can easily get your friends crush name by sending him a simple website link. So after he enters all the details pretty much like his name and his crush name, then as soon as he submits that you will get an instant email with all the details.

Easily Sniff your Friends Crush Name to your Email

So overall it's a fun loving trick one can use to get some personal details about their life, so today I will show you how you can easily create your own link and then share it with your friends to get all the details. So now if you want to see how your actual link will work, you can visit the below link, I have created that.


  1. Visit Ultimate Love Calc Registration Page.
  2. Now just enter your Name and Email to get started.
  3. You will get your own personalized link.
  4. Copy that and share with friends.
  5. Now as soon as someone enters their details on that link
  6. You will get email with all the details.

That's it now you have your friends crush name, you can easily blackmail him for a soda party to not reveal that name publicly :p, well it depends on your how you use, but please don't miss use this service. Have fun and do comment.