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21 May 2015

7 Smart Ways on How to Make Money on YouTube


Online work, trading, blogging everything is just expanding and people are finding different ways to monetize their talent, they are jumping into some pre-monetized lines and make money online. Well after blogging another trending topic on money making is YouTube on how to make money on youtube, how to monetize your content on youtube, what exceptional you can do in order to get more view and more bucks in your account, well today we are going to explore 7 smart ways people are using to make money on youtube.

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Well now why people prefer youtube above other platforms is that its totally optimized in matter of SEO, its has a lot of traffic delivered right under the ownership of search giant Google and pretty much no extreme knowledge is required to start your online youtube money making empire.

Few Ways on Making Money using YouTube

So now lets get started and explore some excellent ways on making money on youtube with your content, talent or creativity.

  1. AdSense - obviously the number one monetizing platform could be used on youtube too apart from your blog using the partnership program. Once your partners program is verified then when every you upload videos onto your channel, an live ad will screen while your video is playing and even some banners will also be displayed on the sidebar.

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  2. Affiliate Marketing - another good option, well for some it's the first very best option to make money online, affiliate marketing involves posting a review about a product or just convincing people to purchase a product using your link and for that you are awarded with a commission.

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  3. Direct Sponsors - if you are really getting a good amount of genuine traffic to your website, then you can even opt for direct sponsors that are going to display a link or banner in your video, hence you can make money for every single views from that point of time or particularly for once time final payment.
  4. Traffic - if no traffic is there then any monetization will not work, you have to make sure that your video is convincing and optimized to gain attention of people from all around the world. Its very important that your social awareness is good and strong to get more and more people to watch your video.

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  5. Live Event - wow that's a very big thing if you can host your own show on youtube that too live, people can actually grab a ticket for your show and hence you can make a good amount of money.
  6. Business - well if you are working offline then you can even a nice review or testimonial about your business convincing people that if they live in that region then they should for sure stop buy to have a nice burger that your companies delivers, it could even give a rapid growth to your business.
  7. Paid Reviews - another method which huge audience is using these days to contact a giant company and review their product on your channel. But bear in mind that this seriously involved a lot of traffic surrounded around your channel. You can pass reviews of anything either gadgets or tech vehicles, anything that suites your taste, so start the paid reviews.

So I hope you enjoyed all these tips to start making money on youtube, well few tips might not be applicable to you but still few could do wonders to your online business, try them out and if you have something that you wanna share do comment below.