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11 May 2015

7 Technological Myths that are Costing you Money

Technology myths are all over. You may check out it from the Web, or from merchants who are attempting to press huge undesirable item from their stores. In many cases, these can be safe. On events, it can cost you cash and make you poorer. Let's have a look at a few of the technology myths that cost you cash.

#1. Open source software application is not as great as commercial application.

When you are evaluating software application to make use of for your tasks, do not cross out open-source software application. The majority of the time, they are as proficient, or perhaps much better, than those industrial software application.


The majority of software application business desire you to think that their item is the very best and the open source option is not up to par to their providing. There is some reality to this, however it is not constantly the case. For popular open-source software application, like Android, the more individuals work together and deal with it, the much better is the item, and not to discuss that it is complimentary.

#2. The more megapixel your camera has, the much better is the camera.

A 2.1 MP picture is clear enough to utilize as a wallpaper while a 4MP picture is excellent enough for a 16 x 20 inches print. We have actually revealed you that it takes more than the pixels to produce a terrific picture, however unfortunately to hear, merchants are making use of the megapixel as the selling points for their electronic cameras. For an easy point and shoot video camera, 8MP is more than enough.

#3. An inexpensive self-built PC can never compete to the factory-assembled computers.

You may be making fun of your pal for the $700 PC that he constructed himself, believing that it is not up to par to the $1500 PC you received from Best Buy. You may be shocked to discover that the $700 PC might be much better - hardware requirements, capability and efficiency sensible. A lot of PCs in the shop featured generic setup for the mass market. Unless you want to spend a lot, you will not have the ability to get a tailored PC to do sturdy work. In added, the Windows OS set up on these PCs frequently have a great deal of crap-ware that can additionally reduce its efficiency.


On the other hand, when you developed your very own PC, you can compare the numerous hardware and get the very best one that fit your requirements and is within your budget plan. You can likewise select the OS of your option: Windows, Linux or Mac OS X which does not had any crap-ware.

#4. I have to get an expensive anti-virus software application to secure my PC.

If you have actually bought an anti-virus software application that cost $100+ or more, I am sorry to notify you that a few of the very best anti-virus software application out there are totally free. A lot of anti-virus software application, totally free and paid, can do an excellent task in finding virus and malware. The only point of failure is the user, which is you. If you constantly click link, or run exe file without inspecting the source, even the most expensive anti-virus software application out there cannot avoid your computer system from being contaminated.

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#5. Purchasing insurance coverage (or extended service warranty) for your gadget is mandatory.

When you purchase a computer system, cellphone, or any electronic gadget, the seller will certainly commonly upsell you with an insurance coverage or extended service warranty. Is it truly essential? We do not believe so, specifically for little product that get outdated extremely quick. Think about the expense of all those service warranties that you never ever utilize and the likelihood that you require a repair service beyond service warranty duration, it simply does not make the insurance coverage (or extended guarantee) a worthwhile offer.


Naturally, for huge expensive product that costs a hand and leg to fix, and one you anticipate to utilize it for several years, extended guarantee is something you definitely have to think about.

#6. The larger the screen, the clearer the image.

All of it depends upon the screen resolution. If you are getting a 30-inch (or larger) screen with a minimum resolution of 2048 x 1152 (much better still, 2560 x 2048), then you are excellent to go. Nevertheless, if you are still stuck to the 1920 x 1080 resolution for a 27 inch screen, instead of clear images, you will certainly get pixelated images (where each pixel is stretched to cover more screen area). When you are getting a screen, you have to look beyond the screen size.

#7. An expensive HDMI cable will certainly offer you much better video quality.


Have you ever seen a $3 HDMI cable selling in Amazon and another selling at $2000? You may be lured to believe that the $2000 cable can provide you a much better quality that justify the 666% distinction in cost. The fact is, the $3 cable will certainly work simply as great with no visible distinction in quality.

Conclusion: The above list of technology myths is absolutely not definitive. There are lots of technology myths out there that expense us cash. It is significant for us to believe and research prior to we spend for the larger or more expensive item.