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21 May 2015

Balance Transfer Tricks and Methods for Indian Networks

transfer-mobile-balanceAs of Indians are concerned majority of them are still using the prepaid connection as it's much more convenient for them from getting rid of those hidden charges that postpaid users might be bearing. One can easily recharge his or her device online or offline with the amount he or she wants to. But there could be many times that your fellow friend might be in a big trouble and you want to transfer some of your balance into his account.

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Well this could be done using the official message commands lead by maximum telecom operators, I will be showing you how you can do this in Tata Docomo, Idea, Airtel and Vodafone, for others you might have to contact your customer support.

Transfer Balance from Docomo, Airtel, Idea & Vodafone

  1. Transfer your Tata Docomo Balance

    If you want to transfer your tata docomo balance from your phone to your friends phone then you BT "Mobile Number" "Amount" and send that message to 54321, incase you wan to reverse the transaction just type RBT "Transaction ID" that you will get when you transfer the money.

    Remember The message will cost your Rs.1 but reversal is going to Toll-Free, and you have to make sure that your balance at the time of transfer is "Transfer Amount" + Rs.1 unless it won't work.

  2. Transfer your Idea Balance

    In case you are on Idea Network, then its two way process, first you have to ask fro the balance transfer then the first will forward your request. So in case you the one who wants the balance to be transferred too, you have to type "ASK" "Mobile Number" "Amount" and send this to 55567 then the person who will receive the message will approve it by sending message "Give" "Mobile Number" "Amount" and then the balance will be transferred.

    Remember The cost for this is Rs.2 per message and balance transfer must be made for more then Rs.11

  3. Transfer your Airtel Balance

    Well method for airtel is not confirmed but you can give it a try, you have type a message "Gift" "Amount" "Mobile Number" and this should make the transfer.

  4. Transfer your Vodafone Balance

    If you are on Vodafone, then the process is pretty simple, you do have to compose any message but dial, *131*Amount*Mobile No# and this should allow you to make the transfer from your mobile to your friends mobile.

    Remember This will only work if you and your friend are both on Vodafone network from past 3 months.

  5. Transfer your BSNL Balance

    On BSNL you type the message "Gift" "Mobile Number" "Amount" and send that message to 53733, this will transfer the amount that you desire.

  6. Transfer your Aircel Balance

    If you are using an Aircel number and want to transfer your balance you just need to dial *122*666# then choose the amount and your friends number.

  7. Transfer your Reliance Balance

    On Reliance Dial *367*3# and enter *312*3# and mobile number. Now you will get the option to enter the amount do that, after that it will ask you for the PIN, by default PIN will be 1.

  8. Transfer your Uninor Balance

    If you are using a Uninor number then you can dial 202*< Receiver Mobile Number >*< Amount ># this is what you need to dial and rest will work automatically.

These are the official ways for transferring balance from one telecom network to another, if you think you have some another good methods fro above mentioned tricks, then you can comment below.