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11 May 2015

Clone USB Drives Easily using Image USB Tool Windows

If you wish to disperse USB disks including the exact same information to numerous individuals, then you might discover ImageUSB extremely handy. This freeware application enables you not just to produce USB images, however likewise enables you compose them to numerous USB drives at the very same time. By doing this you can clone a USB disk to numerous USB drives at the same time.

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You can download ImageUSB from the Passmark Software site. The download is as a ZIP archive consisting of the portable application. Being a completely portable application, it does not need any replacement. You can draw out the contents of the ZIP archive to a folder and double-click on imageUSB.exe to run it. This application needs administrator permissions due to the fact that it has to compose to the MBR of the target USB drives.


#1. Creating Image of a USB Drive

In order to develop an image from the USB drive, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a source USB drive from the list.
  2. Choose Create from UFD choice.
  3. Choose a folder where the image file would be created.
  4. Now click the Create image button

A progress bar would reveal the procedure as it produces the image of the picked USB drive. So just wait and let it create the full image.

#2. Burning Image to Other USB Drives

If you wish to create clones utilizing the USB flash drive image, then you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Choose several target USB drives from the list.
  2. Choose Write to UFD choice.
  3. Choose the USB drive image.
  4. Now click the Write to UFD button.

This would compose the contents of the USB image to all the picked target USB drives that you have actually picked.

Whether you wish to clone a USB flash drive into one clone for individual use, or wish to produce numerous cloned USB flash drives for software application or content distribution, ImageUSB can be extremely helpful. It can compose a single USB image to several target USB drives at the exact same time, so variety of clones produced concurrently are restricted completely by the variety of readily available USB ports you have in your computer system.