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18 December 2015

Blogger Not Found: Error in Live Writer [ERROR FIXED]

Hello everyone I know you might be thinking that why i am not posting fewquently on my blog and even i saw that much of traffic just dropped, well i became little lazy and even there was some family based work due to which i was facing few issues posting stuff that often.

But the main thing due to which i was not able to post was the non working of Windows Live Writer, well this is an old post and i am just updating it with the new content, as you might have experienced earlier when Windows Live Writer stopped working for everyone due to the change in Google’s new access authentication.

Well if you do then now they have actually made a permanant shift to that new access authentication and due to which we were not able to post anything on our blog and were getting that NOT FOUND error everytime.

The good news is that Windows Live Writer is dicontinued and Open Live Writer has taken its place by getting open source and hence we will be able to see a lot new stuff cooking in future.

Installing Open Live Writer to FIX Posting on Blogger

Yes now you can easily install this open source Open Live Writer and get your blog updated right from anywhere with that similar layout of Windows Live Writer this tool works the same way but still you might see some little differences like the Categories are still not there and photo albums posting option is removed, well in future updates we will be getting everything and another good part is that we might be getting some ncie updated plugins for this Open Live Writer tool.

open live writer in action

Another feature that was missing in Windows live Writer for blogger was the search description option, that might be added in its future updates so we have to keep an eye on it.

How to Post from Open Live Writer on Blogger

So now lets check the below steps to see how you can use this Open Live Writer anad post on your blogger blog pretty easily.

  1. Download and Install Open Live Writer software.
  2. There is no need to uninstall the old Windows Live Writer, this could be installed side by side, as if you are using some plugins on WLW then you copy the source from that tool to this Open Live Writer.
  3. Now giving access to OLW for your blog is quiet easy in Open Live Writer, you just need to login to your google account in an browser and then choose the Sign In option for Google Blogger.
  4. Now access page will popup just give access to Open Live Writer to access your blog and other things.
  5. Thats it now your blog will get connected and you can post easily using Open Live Writer.

So guys as you can see how easy it was to post using this Open Live Writer and fixing that Not Found Error in Windows Live Writer. Now the best thing is that we are going to get some nice updates for this tool in future, so lets wait for it and enjoy blogging the way we used to do it.