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08 May 2015

Share your Mouse and Keyboard between Computers

Have you been in a situation where you using so many computers and you're fed up using so many keyboards and mouse with different computers well if you are and we have a proper solution for you which is share mouse. Share mouse is a simple application for Windows and Mac that helps you share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers.

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You can share your mouse and keyboard between 26 computers simultaneously either it's a Windows PC or Mac it doesn't matter just need to install the application on every single computer you want to use and another important thing is that all those computer should be connected to one single network like local network Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

share mouse application

You even have the settings preferences in which you can enable hotkeys to switch your money does one to another you can have a display on how many monitors are connected right now any can jump onto any one of them easily and instantly.

In case you're concerned that it can switch to different monitor automatically than you can even enable password so as soon as the password is entered then only you will be able to switch your monitors and use share mouse on other PC.

Another very useful feature of share mouse is that you can copy paste from one computer to another you can even drag files if you having some important files on one computer you can simply drag them to another computer using the simple application.

So it's a useful application for business purpose if there are so many PCs and one person is assigned to so many jobs it can be easier or even if you're a geek at a person and you're having 2 to 3 computers in your home and on one computer using for Sharp added your staff and on other you're doing blogging so it's every easy small application that will help you ensuring your mouse and keyword runs between multiple computers up to 26 computers at a time.

It's even not compulsory that your all computers need to be Windows or Mac as its just necessary that every PC needs to have the small application installed in the computer and connected to that same local network after that everything is good and you up and running.