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16 July 2015

Boost your Android Battery by 50% with Battery Doctor

Android is a very vast platform delivering awesome mobile experience on millions of devices around the world, even we have covered a lot about android making it more productive for everyone using this platform in their daily life. We have covered how you can easily increase internet speed on android, taking automatic SMS backups and even customizing it by creating your very own awesome wallpapers.

battery doctor android app

Well today we have another amazing app that can disables your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Music and much more on android automatically. You can select the power saving mode and it conserves your battery and boost it to an optimum level.

Automatically Disable Music, Wi-Fi & More in Android

Yes with the power saving mode, all the ugly power draining features will be switched off, you will be left with the old age phone capable of making calls, and sending those old clumsy messages, but yes it worth it, you still can make a call to your dear one to get a power cord so that once again charge your battery up.

Check out which app is draining your battery in android

Yes you can even check out the detailed view that which is app is taking the biggest piece from your battery life, you can kill that immediately and save a whole lot of power levels and enjoy using other features.

The awesome professional charging feature

This one is great with its inbuilt 3 step charging feature you can sure that maximum juice is being utilized from your battery and its kept safe and sound, it even warns you if your battery is full and that you need to remove 0it from charging.

So now just install this application and see it yourself, how well this app works and what all wonders it can make to your phone. I have given the play store link on the right, click that and install the application. Do check the below video to see Battery Doctor live in action.