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27 July 2015

How to Make Charging on your Android Device Faster

You might be aware about some android apps which claims to charge your android phone faster and you feel interested or lured to examine those out, stop right now! No android app can charge your smartphone faster unless you offer your phone with actual power supply through usb port or battery charger. Now the concern is, can android app make your cellphone charge quicker? Usually speaking, no! Technically speaking, yes however just through particular tweaks at kernel level, or if your phone supports fast charging.

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charge android device faster

Top 10 Tips to Make your Android Device Charge Faster

Tired of sluggish charging, excitedly awaiting adequate charge to collect so that you might disconnect your phone and start your work, well then this post runs you through simple methods to get a fast charge on your device.

  1. Turn off your device

    The very best method to charge not simply android phone however any mobile/tablet devices much faster is to turn them off while charging. While in powered-off state, battery is not made use of by the device and therefore, it charges much faster. Likewise, it produces less heat throughout charging.
  2. Switch on airplane mode

    If you do not wish to shut off your phone, you may switch on airplane mode/flight mode. This will certainly result in less battery usage as cellular network, mobile information, gps, other signals are switched off and you can still utilize your phone for other activities.
  3. Charging device @ 15-20% levels

    Charge your android phone when it still has 15-25 % battery or more. Charging your android device on full discharge not just takes substantially longer time however minimizes battery life expectancy. All android smartphones feature Lithium-ion batteries, so do not charge them at 1-5% levels. Its good if you charge them @ 30-40-50% levels.
  4. Do not use phone while charging

    While charging your device, attempt to utilize it as less as possible and keep the screen switched off. Typically android phone takes different time for charging depending on the way you are using, while you are using the phones RAM and battery is being utilized, so it might slow the charging process.
  5. Stick with wall charger instead computer USB

    Aim to constantly utilize a wall-charger, this is likewise appropriate to all mobile phones/tablets. Charging through usb cable plugged to usb port of your computer system or other devices is sluggish. Typically max of 500mA current can be utilized as USB ports as some restrictions. For this reason, your smartphones charge sluggish when linked to usb port of pc/laptop instead of wall-charger.
  6. Try to avoid wireless charging

    Prevent cordless charging as these are likewise sluggish as compared to the conventional wall-charger. Till now if your manufaacturer is not providing with the wireless solution, do not opt for a 3rd party solutions, as they could ruin your battery and even charging could be slow.
  7. Using original battery and charging cable

    Use manufacturer-supplied battery charger and usb cable. Modern android smartphones feature fast charge/rapid charging innovation and therefore when utilized with brand's initial battery charger, the device charges rapidly.
  8. Using Kernel Modification Apps

    If you're all right with software modification, you may discover custom-kernel for your android device with support for charging current modification. Those custom-kernel designers typically likewise offer kernel tweaking app to permit you to customize and check. For instance, perseus kernel for Samsung Galaxy S4 has Synapse app to fine-tune charging present. This approach is not advised unless you understand exactly what you're doing.
  9. Upgrading Firmware or Software

    Keep your android phone upgraded: This might appear unexpected however in some cases android upgrade from your device manufacturer might take care of sluggish charging as particular function, state, fast charge 2.0, may be actively handicapped throughout the device rollout however later on allowed in firmware upgrade. In firmware upgrade, your device maker may modify particular voltage and existing choices inside to turn on faster charging.
  10. Using 3rd party fast charging cables

    I am not sure about android but I saw one for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad and those cables claim to decrease your phone charging time by 50% so its actually double, so, you can likewise check if you can find something for your android device, so purchase and charge your device faster.

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So these were the tips to utilize to make your android device charging faster and boost its performance, If you have other tips or issues concerning your android phone battery life, do not hesitate to ask us in remarks.