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23 August 2016

Kaspersky Internet Security Free 365 Days Serial Key

Kaspersky, the online security giant, covering maximum computers with its shield to protect them from online and offline threats. Kaspersky has been awarded the 2nd place in our for best 5 antiviruses for your computer or laptops. We need not mention about its features as it's considered and widely regarded as the best antivirus solution for computers and other geeky gadgets.

kaspersky internet security 2016

Now, this time, we are talking about Kaspersky Internet Security suite that gives you online and offline protection and comes with many impressive features that might not be dubbed in any other security solution suite.

Kaspersky Internet Security Features and Review

We have few highlighted key features that make Kaspersky the best choice for your computer in virus protection.

  • Premium Protection – Kaspersky comes with a technology that not only protects you from threats that have already raided many computers but all the new and emerging threats are identified and disabled as soon as you PC gets attacked.
  • Socially Secured – As you know all these social networks and other websites try to sniff your private information either to provide you more relevant ads and collecting your information for future use, well to be secure you use some nice chrome extension that protects you from all these activities, one such extension is Ghostery, it's good and works great.
  • Safe Money Transactions – Yes Kaspersky includes state of the art money protection technology that makes your online transactions such as bank transfers and shopping a lot secure.
  • Parental Control – Kaspersky also comes with built-in parental control solution that can make your children browsing a lot safe, you can block all those adult sites and even restrict its internet access after some time depending on the situation.
  • Lightweight – Unlike other string but bulky security solutions, Kaspersky does not add a separate PC load on your computer. It's light and protects actively.
  • Safe Public Wi-Fi – Attacks from Firesheep and so are already doomed at least in modern browsers, as the technologies are updated and sites are HTTPS secured, but still many threats can emerge, and when you use public Wi-Fi, it's important to stay once step ahead, in protecting your browsing and transactions.

So these were some key features that are included in Kaspersky Internet Security suite, now let's jump to the best part how you can get Kaspersky Internet Security for Free with up to 365 Days of a genuine license.

How to Get Kaspersky Internet Security with 45 Days Genuine License

Kaspersky has launched a “Protect your Friends” promotional offer that awards you with referral points for each friend you protect by allowing them 45 days free trial for Kaspersky. For each referral, you will be awarded 5 points, and as soon as you make 100 points, you will get a genuine serial key for Kaspersky Internet Security for 365 days.

If you just want to try Kaspersky for 45 days, then below link will take you to the 45 days trial download site where you can easily download the software and install Kaspersky Internet Security free for 45 days, but if you want to increase your license time, then follow below full tutorial.

Download Here

How to Increase your Kaspersky Internet Security License to 365 Days

Now comes the fun loving part, helping your friends to protect their computer and enjoying extended license, as soon as they install this awesome security solution using your referral link.

  1. Visit my.Kaspersky.com and press the Sign-In key.
  2. Now login using your facebook account and then authorize Kaspersky to access your facebook account.
  3. Next you will see a window, where they ask you to enter your new unique password for Kaspersky website.
    kaspersky protect your friend promotional offer
  4. Enter all the details and you will be logged in, next you need to click the “Take Part” green button, like above.
    kaspersky protect my friend referral code
  5. Click that and as soon as the page load, you will see your own personal referral link. Like you can see above.
  6. Just copy that link and share that with your friends on facebook or whatsapp, this way as soon as they download the 45 days trial, you will be awarded some points.
  7. As soon as you accumulate enough points you will be awarded a genuine serial key to activate your 365 days license.

So now you can easily get genuine serial key for your Kaspersky Internet Security Suite for around 1 years, that too for free. Else if you just want to evaluate you can use the above download link and get a 45 days trial to see how this actually works.